Getty Images Announces Flickr’s 250,000th Image Milestone

Dynamic Flickr Collection Reflects Passion of Worldwide Community of Photography Enthusiasts

Photo 119106045, Paul Photography/ Getty Images Flickr Collection
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai Province.

Singapore– October 20, 2011 – Getty Images, a leading creator and distributor of visual content and other media , and Flickr®, a Yahoo! Inc. service and one of the world’s largest photo sharing communities, today announced an exciting milestone for the Flickr Collection.   Just two years after the debut of this first-of-its-kind collection, the Flickr Collection has grown to 250,000 images, featuring compelling, quality content from a global community of photography enthusiasts from over 115 countries.  Available for licensing exclusively on, the Flickr Collection reflects the customer’s diverse needs for authentic and regional imagery around the world.

In September alone, 30,000 new images were available to license from the Flickr Collection, and over 1,000 images are typically uploaded on daily basis.  Within Getty Images’ Flickr Collection, there are currently more than 6,000 images submitted from contributors from South East Asia and Hong Kong.

Photo 120176487, Ng Hock How/Getty Images Flickr Collection
Singapore cityscape.

The growth of the Flickr Collection can be attributed to Getty Images’ dedicated team of photo editors who work with networks around the globe on a daily basis, communicating what is needed at a local level and working with contributors to ensure this is reflected in the imagery that is shot. As a result, Getty Images has been able to not only increase the number of images within the Flickr Collection, but to also ensure that the Collection has an abundance of content from all regions around the world. 

“The Flickr collection has proved a massive success for us in our aim to bring a different and a varied range of imagery to the marketplace,” explained Andrew Saunders, Getty Images SVP of Creative.  “For us, the 250,000 image milestone emphasises how dynamic and engaged our Flickr community of contributors truly is and we continue to be thrilled by the imagery being creating for this real life collection.”  

Photo 116227424, Nga Nguyen/Getty Images Flickr Select
Grandmother and granddaughter, Hanoi, Vietnam.

“For Getty Images, the strength of the Flickr Collection lies is in its raw authenticity, with local photographers contributing genuine, creative images that audiences can identify with,” said Stuart Hannagan, Vice President,Australasiaand Director of Photography, Asia Pacific.

The Flickr collection features imagery from the highly conceptual to everyday scenes of believable and regionally relevant content, with thousands of new images added each month to meet the evolving needs of Getty Images’ customers. Distinct trends and common themes fromSouth East Asiaand Hong Kong Flickr contributors include tranquillity, childhood, cityscapes, food and flowers, as well as spirituality.

Nga Nguyen, a Getty Images Flickr contributor fromHanoi,Vietnam, comments: “I’ve been working with Getty Images through the Flickr Collection for a year now and it’s been quite a ride. Before then, I was shooting for fun and didn’t know what ‘stock photography’ meant.”

“Being a Getty Images contributor has given me the motivation and inspiration to get out of my comfort zone, diversify my portfolio and try new things in photography.” Nga continues. “Plus, there are thousands of amazingly talented Getty Images Flickr Collection contributors who are willing to share with you everything they know. It’s great to be part of such friendly and embracing community.”

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