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[•REC] by Alan Photo
Image: [•REC] Studio Area

21st October 2016, Singapore – Alan Photo Trading is not new to the photo retail market and currently has 2 photo video retail stores countrywide. Alan Photo Trading has recently soft launched a new concept store, [•REC] By Alan Photo, at CT Hub 2. Its aim is to break away from the traditional photo retail market by establishing itself as a one-stop photography and videography hub that provides a full range of products and services all in one space.

Conventionally, the camera retail scene involves the average consumers moving from shop to shop in order to sieve out the best price. With the rise of the Internet and E-commerce, the average customers are now more price-informed and knowledge eccentric and these has caused the need for retail stores to diminish. Coupled with the advent of camera phones, which have similar capacities to a digital compact camera, the photography market has shrunk by more than 30%. As such, Alan Photo have further refined our target consumers to be the mid-tier photo and video users and identified the needs that have yet to be fulfilled in this industry.


“At [•REC], we stand to Resolve, Experience and Create. Resolve photography problems, provide an Experience like no other and allow the Creation of content. Accompanied with our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help Resolve worries, we have not 1 but 2 multi-purpose photo/video studios for our dear customers to experience products at its fullest capacity, a café to enjoy a cuppa and a photo printing station catered to meet their needs. Create content with us as we guide customers through our post-production editing software. Definitely, we are not ordinary photo retail store. Above all that, we also have a photo wall for aspiring photographers to showcase their works. However, the flexibility of such a space is boundless as we can be transform our studios into a seminar room that could accommodate at least 50 participants for workshops, events, launches, etc.” – Alan Photo Spokesperson.



Image: [•REC] Make Up Room.


The one-stop hub will serve as a platform that connects a full range of services to their (Alan Photo) community. The services include photo shoots, workshops, classes, networking platform, studio rental, printing, etc. It will be a place that caters to all their customers’ needs. The main goal of providing such a platform is to create a community that is ardent to Alan Photo’s services. The company aims to expand their database of Alan Photo’s customers by providing value added services and reasonable priced products. The measure of the company’s success is indicative to the size of their already huge database.

Alan Photo

Image: [•REC] Make Up Room.

Image: [•REC] Photography Showcase & Retail Area.




Image: [•REC] Photography Showcase & Retail Area.

Studio Rental
-51m2 Cyclorama Studio

$60/hr – Public
$30/hr – Alan Photo members (Oct to Dec 2016 ONLY)
& Ourshutterjourney.com Registered Card Members ONLY.*

*Terms & Conditions Applies.

Located near Lavender MRT. The studio features a 7.6m wide cyclorama wall, up to 4m depth from studio backdrop, and fully equipped with lightings and other essential equipment for your production needs. Furnished with air conditioning, sound system and a make-up room, the prices are inclusive of lightings and equipment provided. Prices applies only during retail hours.

– Call Alan Photo at 6384 3592
– PM Alan Photo at www.facebook.com/RECbyAlanPhoto
– Email Alan Photo at enquiries@alanphoto.com.sg

Editor’s Note: We all have seen so many studios opening in the last 3 years and we found [•REC] an interesting concept. Almost every other studios have a shooting area and a make up room, but what makes [•REC] stands out is (Surprise!) the Cafe & the Retail Area.  Image this, I can meet my client at the [•REC] Cafe to discuss an assignment, then show the client the actual location that I will be shooting, this will be an added edge when prospecting to potential clients. Further to that, it will be a nice place to hang out and do a little shopping for photography gear away from the crowd and noise in the city. This is way chic cool & [•REC]  had raised the level of how a great photo studio should be! Congratulations on your opening!
– AL Lee, Editor. 

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