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COURSES for MAY 2017

1) Course Code : Photo Editing Class (Photoscape)
Course Objective:
Learn how to post-edit your images the easy way from crop-compose, horizontal-straightening, cloning, the right way to adjusting of contrast & Exposure and many more! This is a One-Day (Full Day) Course that requires shooting and post-editing on the same day.

Date: 21st May 2017
Cost: SGD $128.00 Nett
Trainers: Eng Choon Siong & Daryl Lee
To Sign Up: Email to ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg

About Eng Choon Siong –
Having went under many photography mentors to the likes of AL Lee of Shutter Journey fame & Macro Master Peter Lee, Eng is not new to Ourshutterjourney members. A competent and skilled photographer, Eng have progressed through the levels fast and today, he have join the ranks of the Photography Instructors. A friendly and helpful person by nature, Eng is willing to share his know-hows that he has developed comprising of his own style that he have put together from all the mentors that he had learned from.

About Daryl Lee –
An avid & skillful photographer who decided to leave his 5-figure job and went full-time into photography as a commercial photographer. Daryl had been shooting events from MNCs to Government stat boards and for many events companies. Daryl is well-versed in the technicalities of photography and importantly he is willing to share his craft with others who are in the learning process to become a better photographer. A friendly person, Daryl join the ranks of becoming a Photography Instructor and wish to share his knowledge through photography education.