Pimp Your Gear – Colored Frames UV Filter – For Pre-Order Now!

Have you ever wonder if you were traveling and someone just snatched your camera & disappear into the crowd?

And it will be really tough to find your camera as there are many other tourists who may be carrying the same camera
as yours and it will be a nightmare to walk up to someone and ask “Excuse me, is that my camera you are holding?”

Surveys & Studies had shown that most snatch thieves of DSLRs at tourists spots simply run off with the cam while some simply cut off your camera straps while running away. So is there a better way to identify your camera among the crowd or during a chase? Or is there other methods to deter & discourage snatch thieves from targeting your precious camera?

(Ordering Details after the photos.)

52mmBlue 52mmPink 52mmRed 58mmGreen 58mmYellow 77mmBlue

These Colored Framed Filters are not just cosmetic “upgrades”. These are real UV filters with coatings and it works just like a regular UV filter – just that it now comes with personality & personalization now!

At the moment, I only have the above sizes and colors as a trial run to generate interests and to see how popular
these filters are with the local photography community. These attractive filters adds color, attitude and most importantly, it protects your lens from spills, splash and dirt. Order Details below.

To Order from Singapore:
For Singapore Buyers please SMS me at +65 9764 9167 for Pricing & Availability.

To Order from Everywhere Else:
Please email for Pricing & Availability +your required colors, size, quantity
and your paypal email address. I will bill you via Paypal.
Once payment is cleared, I will ship out immediately.
*Shipping is free if filter is shipped out individually.
My Email is media_world@live.com

Availability: (15th Jan 2013/ 11.25am)
* Will Be Updated Regularly Until Stocks Depletes.
* Do Check Back Often.
* Order Now to Secure your units as I only imported limited Numbers.

Item/ Available
1) 52mm UV Metallic Blue – Was 12 Units. Left 10 Units
2) 52mm UV Metallic Pink – Was 14 Units. Left 10 Units.
3) 52mm UV Metallic Red – Was 14 Units. Left 07 Units.
4) 58mm UV Metallic Green – Was 12 Units. Left 08 Units.
5) 58mm UV Metallic Yellow – Was 12 Units. Left 08 Units.
6) 77mm UV Metallic Blue – Was 10 Units. Left 06 Units.

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