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Accredited Photography Merchants List – Shop with a Peace of Mind!

Preferred Merchant
Updated: JUNE 2022

Look out for the “ourshutterjourney.com Preferred Merchant” sticker/ logo the next time you shop for all your photography & lifestyle needs!
(For Full Details of each individual Merchant, please scroll down)
(We are not responsible if the Merchant relocated and did not inform us and update their address with us.)
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Type 1 : Premium Merchants
– We highly recommend our Members to shop at our Premium Merchants with priority.
These are the merchants that truly supports our movements, objectives and goals with proven support and collaborations. Special privileges are also accorded to our groups & members for purchases and service support.

Type 2: Regular Merchants
– Regular Merchants. Safe to shop at these places too.

Type 3: Lifestyle Merchants (NEW!)
– Lifestyle Offerings from our Lifestyle Merchants serving your everyday needs apart from Photography. Visit our Lifestyle Merchants Page here!


Our Accredited Photography Merchants
(Updated JUNE 2022)
PREMIUM Merchants:
(We Recommend All Our Members to Shop at these Merchants!)

1. Alan Photo Trading

(Sim Lim Square)
Web: http://alanphoto.com.sg
2. Alan Photo Trading

(Raffles City Shopping Centre)
Web: http://alanphoto.com.sg 

3. Alan Photo Trading

Web: http://alanphoto.com.sg

4. Audio & Photo Distributor (F.E) Pte Ltd
(Distributor of Pentax & Ricoh Imaging Products)
Web: www.apds.com.sg/

5. Camera Rental Centre
50 South Bridge Road, CMO Building, #02-18
Singapore 058682
Corner of Carpenter Street and South Bridge Road
Website: http://sg.camerarental.biz/
** Present Ourshutterjourney Member Card to Enjoy the Discounts!

6. Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd
download (1).png

(Marina Square)
Web: http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/


7. Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd
download (1).png

(Camera Bags Division/ Peninsula Plaza)
Web: http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/


8. Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd
download (1).png

(Studio, Pro Video & Digital Imaging Showroom/ Peninsula Plaza)
Web: http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/


9. Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd
download (1).png

(Cameras & Accessories/ Peninsula Plaza)
Web: http://www.cathayphoto.com.sg/


10. P&G Photographic Centre

(The Adelphi)
Web: http://www.pgcameras.co/

11. P&G Photographic Centre 

(Peninsula Shopping Centre)
Web: http://www.pgcameras.co/

12. Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Web: https://www.facebook.com/SigmaSingapore/

REGULAR Merchants Listing:
(These Merchants are great too!)
1. Manly Department Store Pte Ltd
Tel: +65 93391511
2. Orient Photo Pte Ltd
(Sim Lim Square)
Web: http://www.orientfoto.com.sg/
3. Parisilk Electronic & Computers Pte Ltd
(Bedok Central)
Web: http://www.parisilk.com
4. Parisilk Electronic & Computers Pte Ltd
(East Coast)
Web: http://www.parisilk.com
5. Parisilk Electronic & Computers Pte Ltd
(Holland Village)
Web: http://www.parisilk.com
6. Parisilk Electronic & Computers Pte Ltd
(Nee Soon)
Web: http://www.parisilk.com
7. sim4nee photography
(Kim Seng)
Web: http://www.sim4nee.com 
8. SLR Revolution Pte Ltd 
(Peninsula Shopping Centre)
Web: http://www.slrrevolution.com
9. SLR Revolution Pte Ltd
(Sim Lim Square)
Web: http://www.slrrevolution.com
10. TK Foto Technic Pte Ltd
(Plaza Singapura)
Web: www.tkfoto.com.sg
11. TK Foto Technic Pte Ltd
Web: www.tkfoto.com.sg 
12. K-13 Marketing
Email: k13tony@yahoo.com.sg
13. BenPhoto
(Peninsula Shopping Centre)
Web: www.benro.com.cn
Email: benroproduct@gmail.com 
14. Ruby Photo

(Peninsula Shopping Centre)
FB: www.facebook.com/ruby.ye.169
15. Riceball Photography
(Peninsula Shopping Centre)
Web: riceball.sg
De-Listed/ Revoked Merchants/ Banned
01. John 3:16 Photo Supplies
02. The Photographic Society of Singapore
03. 2Studio Photography
04. DSLR Accessories
05. Schmidt Marketing Photo (S) Pte Ltd
06. Tamron Singapore (Serial I-Tech)
07. Xing-asia.com (Photography Tours)
08. Vediamod Professional Camera & Video Equipment Store
09. RedDotPhoto
20. RedDotPhoto Studio
22. Royal Cameras Audio
22. Alex Photo
23. HISA Broadcast Pte Ltd
24. Istudio (by sgcamerastore)
25.  K-100 Color Photo Service Centre
26. Lensy.com
27. Sgcamerastore
28. Roy Chuang Productions
29. [•REC] – By Alan Photo


For Businesses:
– If you wish to provide your products/Services to our Members with a great offer, please email us – ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg

For Members:
– If you wish to nominate a new Merchant to be part of our Accredited Merchants, please tip us off at – ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg

To Join as Our Registered Card Members:
– If you wish to be part of our big family of Photographers – whether you are a professional or hobbyist, we have something for everyone! Click here to join!

The above listing was created/ updated based on the merchant’s input, updates and information provided. We are NOT responsible if the information provided in the listings have expired/ outdated or no longer relevant – it is the responsibility of the listed merchant to update us. 
(Merchants, please email ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg if you wish to update your listing.)

What is Accredited Merchant?
All Photographer Merchants (Retails, Dealers & Online Shops, etc) who wish to reach out to our members, followers, subscribers will be assessed for accreditation. This is to ensure fair business tradings, ethical & honest businesses while serving our community here.

Once a merchant’s application is accepted into the scheme, the merchant’s outlets will carry a ourshutterjourney.com sticker at their doors, cashier counters, websites, to indicate that the shop had met our requirements for the community to shop with these merchants with a peace of mind. So next time while shopping for photography equipment, buying cameras or lenses, rental of photography equipment, repairs & trade in, just look out for our logo at these merchants.

Well, while every dog has its day, there’s also a possibility that someone out there is going through a bad hair day. If you have been treated unfairly at any of our Accredited Merchants, or has any other feedback, please kindly send your story to ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg with the subject header  “Merchant Feedback”. We will investigate for you. We will not burn the merchant’s shop for you but we will seek to mediate in a cordial & fair manner to help you & the merchant settle the issue.

How to get Accredited?
Find out how to be our good supplier for our community (Over 300,000 members),
just send an email to ourshutterjourney@live.com.sg with a subject header “Accreditation Request” and an Application Form will be forwarded to you. We will also send someone, a secret shopper, to check out your shop, the customer service, pricing to assess your suitability. Once we decided that you are safe for our community, we will issue you the Accreditation Stickers for you to display at your shop(s) or your website.

Revocation of Accreditation
Should we received multiple complaints against any of our accredited merchants, and after investigating the case and found the merchant to be at fault, or had not conducted business in an ethical manner, or operating not in line with our values and mission, we reserves the rights to revoke the accreditation status without any further notice to the merchant and we will announce it to our subscribers, followers, EDM subscribers across all our related media, social media platforms.

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