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ALLAN LEE – Photography Instructor (Principal Trainer)

Principal Trainer – Allan LEE

Allan Lee is not new to the photography education scene. Previously a Certified PA Trainer for Photography (CPA) & a Ministry of Education (MOE) Registered Trainer (REMS) & an accredited Photography Instructor for several corporate companies & associations, Allan has taught over 10,000 students over the last 8 years in various genres. His commercial works are mostly seen on restaurant food menus, bus stops, newspapers and in travel magazines. In the photography education arena, Allan is known for his strength in macro photography which he “conveniently applied” from his course of commercial work shooting products packaging and his food photography – he is responsible for the menu photos of many restaurants and food stalls in Singapore. Other times, he will be shooting events and weddings or studio work, or teaching photography somewhere. Allan is also responsible for making headlines in 2013 by being the first photographer to hold an infrared exhibition at Funan Digitalife Mall as a solo exhibitor.


JINO LEE – Photography Instructor (Associate)

Jino Bio Pic
Jino Lee

Jino Lee is an international award winning travel photographer and interior photographer based in Singapore. Once a night owl working as sound engineer, Jino traded late nights for early mornings and took up photography. He finds inspiration in photographing people and culture and well known for capturing simple and mundane things in daily lives and turning them into interesting pictures and stories. He was formerly with a Japanese imaging company as a leading photography instructor and close to 20,000 participants had attended his camera trainings, courses and workshops. Today he continues to teach and lead guided photography tours and has over 50 trips under his belt.


CW FOO – Photography Instructor

Despite his relatively young age, CW Foo has amassed a wealth of experience in the field of photography. A self-taught photographer and videographer who has been working in/for news and events since 2013, CW was exposed to a huge range of photography genres, the demands of his work requiring him to deliver quality work shooting in almost anything, anywhere, at any time, and using multiple camera systems. His works have been published by news agencies –  both local and foreign, in local non-fiction books, and was also used as marketing contents for real estate, hotels, small businesses, and non-profit organisations. In his personal time he also engage in travel, architecture, real estate, landscape, fireworks, street, and food photography.


ALVINN LIM – Photography Instructor (Associate)

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Alvinn Lim

Alvinn Lim started photography at a very young age. He self-taught the basics of photography & he started his school’s very first photography club. After NS, Alvinn became a full-time photographer in an Australian-based make-over company. Soon, he went on to join a wedding studio, a renowned make-over studio and a publishing firm, where he experiences advertising and editorial photography. Alvinn later joined SPH Magazines and received more exposure in Fashion photography. His published works appears in many publications from SPH magazines while there. Today, Alvinn is well-established in this field with his experience – lead by his firm belief in having space for creativity, he started his own photography business “EYERED WORKS”, focusing on fashion, portrait, food, product, events and interior photography. With a keen interest in sharing his knowledge and experience, Alvinn Lim have been sharing and conducting photography lessons for the last few years.


ROBING NG – Photography Instructor (Associate)

Robing Ng

Ng Robing started photography as a hobby in Secondary School since 1987. During the last three decades, he has witnessed the progressive transition and development of photography from 35mm film to the digital age today. Robing is a self-taught photographer, learning from various platforms such as books, social media and learning from the best photographers. His all-time favourite photographer is Henri Cartier-Bresson, Father of Street Photography. Over the years, Robing has explored various genres of photography. But he has particularly strong interest in landscape, travel and street photography. His photography style is conventional and practices uncomplicated concepts and compositions. In recent years, Robing has begun photographing events and portraits commercially. His clients include but not limited to SPH, Men’s Health, The Peak and NTU.


GARY CHOW – Photography Instructor (Associate)

Gary Chow

Gary Chow is a photographer based in Singapore with several years of experience in documentation, events & wedding photography.  Photography is his calling, his passion, and the thing that will undoubtedly drives him insane someday. He does not photograph subjects. He photographs the way the subjects make him feel. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a strange concept. But it’s honest. Gary further claimed that this is the best way to describe his approach to the craft. He “wrestle” with every image he shot. He assumes perfection is possible and wants to wring it out of every picture. If that’s all you ever know about Gary, it’s enough to say that you already know him very well. His favourite quote is: “When light meets a creative mind, it transforms into stunning images where photography and creativity comes together seamlessly as one.”

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