Namibia with Cullmann Concept One 622TC

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Namibia with Cullmen 622TC
Words by Ling.
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Photo: Ling with her camera mounted on a Cullmann 622TC at Henties Bay.

03rd June 2015, Namibia, Africa – Travelling with a tripod is probably one the biggest thing (or concern) that most travelling photographers think about before a trip. Apart from weight, the tripod taking up precious space in your check-in luggage is also a key considerable point. But then again there was never a perfect tripod. If you need a sturdy tripod, the tripod will likely look like a lamp post, if you want a light tripod, probably the tripod will be so shaky that your may have to tell you friends that there was an earth quake while you were doing your long exposure while overseas. Sounds familiar?

Photo: Milky way at Waterberg Restcamp

Recently, when I visited Namibia, Africa, I was issued with a Cullmann Concept One 622TC (German Brand) – a full carbon fibre tripod (except the ball head which is a heavy duty aluminum unit) – and I was to use this tripod during my trip as part of a product review and testing for feasibility.  First, I had never heard of the “Cullmann” brand, secondly, it look a little too compact on first impression to the point I was skeptical if this 622TC tripod can even hold my Sony A99 (812gm) with a lens plus the wind force.

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Photo: Sunrise at Etosha Safari Camp

The Cullmann Concept One 622 TC weights a mere 1250gm (including the ball head mind you) and when fully folded, the longest length measures about 34cm and that is very space saving and weigh conscious. The 622TC is a full carbon fibre tripod and that means the build is very solid, when I was holding it, it does feels that it can take multiple abuses and able to hold my camera securely.

Photo: Shipwreck at Henties Bay

This tripod extends to a maximum height of 136cm which is a very common shooting angle the lowest it can go is at 23cm – perfect for those low-to-ground shooting – so with a height extension range like this, it met most of the shooting criteria of most travelling photographers and this is just perfect.


Photo: Dusk view of Swakopmund 

The 622 TC has a weight carrying limit of 5 kg. So what is 5kg? In simple terms, you can have a full frame camera (most full frame cameras) with battery grip mounted along with a lens that is about 400mm F2.8 and the Cullmann supplied ball head will hold your gear set up snugly without any issue or risk of dropping or “straying”. This is already one of the key point of having a tripod in the first place isn’t it? 🙂

Photo: Milky way at Desert Homestead Lodge

Supplied with a short centre column, you can use the 622 TC and shoot just centimetres above the ground for that insane low-to-ground shot and it is easy to change the columns, i did it within seconds. Comes with an integrated liquid  bubble leveler, it just makes composing my photos so much easier and saves me time trying to find the correct horizon level too, the 622 TC is such a joy to use!


Photo: Sunrise at Desert Homestead Lodge.

For those of you who does videa, you will be gald to know that the Cullmann Concept One 622TC also features a Ball head design with a separate horizontal clamping for video panning. This is definitely something very unique and well thought of for a tripod!

Throughout my trip in Namibia, I find the 622TC a joy to use and a great companion as compared to the tripods that I previously owned in the past. Light, compact, versatile, sturdy, strong – it is everything I ever need (and expected) from a travel tripod. Lastly, Cullmann offers a 10 year warranty on their tripods – get yours soon!

Photo: Sunrise at Desert Homestead Lodge

You can get your Cullmann 622 TC from here. From my understanding, this is a very popular tripod at the moment and it is always sold out at the stores. I will personally advise you to call the dealers to ensure stock availability before heading out to purchase.

Thank you Schmidt Marketing Singapore for loaning me the Cullmann Concept One 622TC tripod. I love it very much! (So may I keep the tripod?)  🙂 – Ling.

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