Ourshutterjourney Turns 14


Ourshutterjourney Turns 14!!!!
Text by Melody Tan

Image: The persons behind Ourshutterjourney.  Photo Credit: KK Lim

01st March 2023, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Germany – Today (01st March 2023) marks the 14th Anniversary of Shutter Journey Singapore ( Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group ) & the 13th Anniversary of our portal ourshutterjourney.com

Image: 2016, the first Admin & Moderating Committee.

We would like to thank everyone who had been part of this journey & those who are still with us through these years. Many had came & left, while some came and da bao members to their groups, there are some looking to learn, there are some looking for company & while many are here for the friendships. No matter who you are, we welcome you, we are after all, a community.

Image: 2017 Snapshots of A Little Red Dot Exhibition Opening.

We had selected a few Group Shots from our Archives specially for this article, do check them out!

Thank You All for being part of Ourshutterjourney Worldwide & we hope for many more years to come!

Allan Lee – Founder SJS/OSJ, Managing Partner Ourshutterjourney LLP
Serene Ong – – Partner, Ourshutterjourney LLP


Image: 2023

Small Group Tours gif.gif


Image: 2022, Awana Macro

Image: 2021

Image: 2020

OSJ Store Banner 

Image: 2019, Genting

Image: 2019


Image: 2018

Image: 2017

Image: 2016

Image: 2016, Mt Batur, Bali

Image: 2015

Image: 2014, Vietnam

Image: 2014

Image: 2013

Image: 2012

Image: 2011, Cameron

Image: 2011, Batam, Indonesia

Image: 2010

Regretfully, we had lost our 2009 group photos.

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Thank You Everyone for Your Support!
– Team Editorial OSJ

Contributing Editor – Melody Tan
Loves quiet walks along beaches, has a mind of her own and decides everything in life in either black or white with nothing in between. Her priority these days revolves around her 2 lovely kids & teaching them music or photography. A lover of yoga and an avid traveler, Melody aims to visit at least 30 countries before she reach 40 years old – from what we know, she had completed 27 as of 2018.
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