ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries – Page 3

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ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries

Theme “In Action”

Entry 031
Caption: “Look! We have spotted a rare triceratops in the wild. Be very quiet…”
Photographer: Calvin Boh Tse Chuang

Entry 032
Caption: “Phantom – Run”
Photographer: Celine Chia

Entry 033
Caption: “Phantom – Lurk”
Photographer: Celine Chia

Entry 034
Caption: Rebel Troopers: “Lay down your weapons! You are surrounded!”
Darth Vader: “All I am surrounded by is fear. And dead men.”
Photographer: Robin Choo Wai Munn

Entry 035 
Caption: “I’m watching ’til the end of the line”
Photographer: Ara Setiawan

Entry 036 
Caption: “Fixing my Lumix G2”
Photographer: Ara Setiawan

Entry 037 
Caption: “”Danger imminent””
Photographer: Patrick Poh

Entry 038
Caption: “WooHoo! shoot’em!”
Photographer: Patrick Poh

Entry 039
Caption: “No one. No one ever.. Messes with John Wick”
Photographer: Patrick Poh

Entry 040 
Caption: “For the spirit of wushu, this will be the ULTIMATE DUEL, we will fight from dawn to dusk, rain or shine, to determine the Ultimate true warrior and Champion”
Photographer: Loh Chiueh Eyen

Entry 041 
Caption: “Where is that Jedi ?” – POV of Rey Skywalker
Photographer: Calvin Boh Tse Chuang

Entry 042
Caption: Legendary Char Zaku ( Aka Red comet )
Photographer: Richard Chia

Entry 043
Caption: The multi-verse of madness gets madder!
Photographer: Ken Loh

Entry 044
Caption: Fisto and Man-At-Arms teaming up against the Evil Horde.
Photographer: Ken Loh

Entry 045
Caption: Yo Joe!
Photographer: Ken Loh

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