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Photo: The Mercedes-Benz Classics Gathered at a Secret Location in Singapore.

04th January 2014, Singapore – German maker Mercedes-Benz is one of the most sought after car brand in Singapore due to its proven reliability and strong parts support. Today, likely we will see variants of the three pointed star almost everywhere we go. As Mercedes rolls out more updated model after model, many would have noticed that older yester-years models are fast disappearing from our roads. Just a clarification on my earlier sentence, no, please don’t get me wrong, it is not that older Mercedes are not road-worthy anymore, just that our local system & culture has potential car buyers going after the latest and newest models every few years – thus discarding older cars for the new.

However, there is a particular Mercedes that had stand the test of time, for over 2 decades, it has survived the scrutiny of car ownership system in Singapore, it survived 4 other later models who replaced it, it is still a handsome ride on the road running side by side with the modern cars & counterpart models, it does not even look dated or ancient, it exudes an air of classic yet bearing the spirit of Mercedes-Benz in the most elegant way. To the world, this is the most iconic Mercedes-Benz ever made (and with all its variants), this is the W124 (1985-1996), the iconic model that opened the doors of innovation & possibilities for all the later Mercedes-Benz that we have today.

Covering a long list of equipment – considered as extravagant in those days, the W124 is still considered a well equipped large car even by today’s standard. Luxury fittings are standard on every Mercedes but it is the drivability that actually sold the W124 wordlwide. I have provided a link at the end of this article if you are keen to read up more on the W124 specifications.

In Singapore, a reliable source informed me that we have a total of 70+ W124 that are still registered for road use today, quite a healthy number for an iconic classic car. We rounded up a few friendly W124 owners for a little “W124 meet-up” recently and managed to have them share a few words & experience on owning the iconic W124.


Photo: Kelvin with his W124 modded to Lorinser Edition.

Owner Profile:
Kelvin Tan, 35
Station Manager
Mercedes-Benz W124 200E (E200)
Other Mercedes Owned
Yr 81 W123 200, Yr82 W123 200

Photo: Kelvin with his W124 modded to Lorinser Edition.

“Classic Mercedes, it grows on me, every day, it makes me want to drive it every day. I go by the simple logic that “I maintain it well, so it will served me well”. The W124, is the last of the “no-expenses spared” policy model which Mercedes had before the merger with Chrysler, which resulted in W210, which was designed & manufactured under heavy cost-savings measures. The W124 was built to last and has a “bulletproof” engine.


“For those looking to owning a classic Mercedes, remember, Mercedes is to be driven, BMW is to drive” – said Kelvin.


Photo: Daniel with his V124 6 Doors.

Owner Profile:
Dr Daniel Tan TM, 47
Managing Director
Mercedes-Benz V124 6 Doors
Other Mercedes Owned: Mercedes-Benz 200 / E200 / 280SL.
Currently own: Mercedes-Benz V124 6 doors / 1951 Mercedes-Benz 170Va / 1961 Mercedes-Benz 190 Ponton.

Photo: Daniel with his Boys.

“Mercedes are practical and reliable cars with an everlasting looks. The V124 (variant of W124) was beautifully crafted & designed. Coupled with its rarity (6 doors), it is highly sought after by Mercedes collectors & serious enthusiasts.


“For those looking to own a classic car (of any brand), do look for very rare model with a normal, everyday drivability with good parts support. Mercedes classics are a good example.” Daniel shared.

(Editor’s Note)
If our information is correct, there were only 9 V124 sold locally and 5 is still on the road today! Amazing!


Photo: Marcus with his Mercedes-Benz 300CE-24V AMG Coupe.

Owner Profile:
Marcus Tan, 36
Mercedes-Benz W124 AMG 300CE-24V 1990

Photo: Marcus as cool as the coupe he is driving.

“There is a distinct beauty in the detail and robust engineering of an older Mercedes – everything is mechanical and connected, totally independent on software and built to last.”

“This model (300CE-24V) was the last hurrah of the type, when engineers, not accountants, determined how cars were made. Mine came with mechanically-controlled injection and ignition, a straight-six with double-overhead cams, and a RPM redline of 7000rpm. The pillar-less profile and frameless windows are timeless, while other features like the seatbelt extenders, are not found in many present-day coupes. On top of all that, it’s been remarkably comfortable, reliable, and practical!”

Photo: The Mighty Mercedes-Benz 300CE-24V AMG Coupe.

“Looking to own a classic Mercedes? Find the one that you like best and go for it!” added Marcus.


Photo: Rafi’s mighty Mercedes-Benz 300TE24V 1990, the trunk seems to swallow anything!

Owner Profile:
Rafi Marjan, 47
Creative Director
Mercedes-Benz 300TE24V 1990
Other Mercedes-Benz currently own: Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 1991

Photo: Looks that stands the test of time – Mercedes-Benz 300TE24V 1990

“I am a fan of classic Mercedes-Benz because of timeless styling, understated elegance & superb engineering of the car. As a person who values reliability and cars that last, fuel economy comes last to my mind.”

On Rafi’s Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL, Rafi shared that this is a very stately looking car and it has aged gracefully among the new breeds of Mercedes-Benz. The 300 SEL ensures every drive is refinely smooth and an experience to enjoy. It is road-worthy and has no problem sharing the modern road with modern cars. Rafi added that “the 300 SEL is a class of its own, designed to impress in an understated manner yet memorable to anyone who experience it”.

As for Rafi’s Mercedes-Benz 300TE 24V, he claimed that this is the most versatile variant in the 124 line (which we agreed) for its tremendous appettite for load lugging or the option to convert it into a people mover with 7 seats and the straight-six engine that comes in this estate. Self-levelling rear suspension are standard on all Mercedes-Benz estate variants.

“My Mercedes-Benz 300TE 24V has been driven to Cambodia & back without a hitch!” said Rafi.
“Classic Mercedes-Benz are relatively affordable today and hassle-free to run since they are built to last a lifetime or two.” – Rafi.

(Editor’s Note) According to our research, the 300TE 24V variants was also used as a van, a caravan, an ambulance, an off-roader and even a hearse!


Photo: Allan Lee (Editor) with his W124 modded to AMG Masterpiece Edition.

Owner Profile:
Allan J Lee, 38
Professional Photographer & Editor
Mercedes-Benz W124 200E (E200)

Photo: W124 modded to AMG Masterpiece Edition.

“A solid car by today’s standard. The W124 was engineered to last “a million miles” mechanically, touted as one of the top favorite executive car in the 90s, today the W124 is the favorite collectors’ car by enthusiasts all over the world. I was totally sold when I was hunting for my W124, parts support are strong and surprisingly cheap! And when I finally found a unit, I bought it within hours.”


“Reasonably priced now for most used W124, you are in luck if you managed to find a decent copy at the dealership” said Allan.


Photo: Classic Mercedes-Benz with their owners at Seletar Airport.

So if you are thinking of dumping your ride for a classic Mercedes soon, do take note of W124, they are usually sold out really fast.

Classic Mercedes is not for everyone, but certainly for those who knows them.

We have a little community over at where Mercedes owners “meet” & share notes. Although all Mercedes owners of any models are welcome to join, we have a good number of classic Mercedes owners inside – ready to give advice and share leads. Do pop by & say “Hi!”.
For information & specifications of the Mercedes W124, check out the Wiki link

If you found your way here while looking for the owner’s Manual, please feel free to email me at and I will be glad to email you a PDF copy.


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