ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries – Page 6

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ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries

Theme “In Action”

Entry 076
Caption: “Hey due, can you please tell me where exactly you really want to go !”
Photographer: Daphne Kong

Entry 077
Caption: “”阴人上路,阳人回避,若有冲撞,百灾齐生。”Translation:“The dead are on the road, the living must turn away, should we both cross paths, misfortunes will befall onto you.”
Photographer: Robin Choo

Entry 078
Caption: “Life is full of ups and  downs, when there is a rare chance to scale for new heights, take it !!”
Photographer: Loh Chiueh Eyen

Entry 079
Caption: “Bull’s Eye”
Photographer: Takahan Tan

Entry 080
Caption: “There can be only one!”
Photographer: Takahan Tan

Entry 081
Caption: “Let the game begin!”
Photographer: Takahan Tan

Entry 082
Caption: “Row, Row, Row your Duck.”
Photographer: Takahan Tan

Entry 083
Caption: “Best friend”
Photographer: Takahan Tan

Entry 084
Caption: “Have no fear! Spidey is here!”
Photographer: Setiawan Ara

Entry 085
Caption: “I won’t run, and I won’t let you get away”
Photographer: Setiawan Ara

Entry 086
Caption: “Listen to Silence, ”
Photographer: Milad Hameed

Entry 087
Caption: “No matter how busy life is, we must also calm down, let ourselves go, and find ourselves.”
Photographer: Jolyn Goh

Entry 088
Caption: “This summer is a good season, and there are flowers in the future, I hope you are safe!”
Photographer: Jolyn Goh

Entry 089
Caption: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the strongest of them all?”
Photographer: Serene Ong

Entry 090
Caption: “unleash the sword ….”
Photographer: Richard Chia

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