ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries – Page 9

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ToyArt Photo Competition 2022 Accepted Entries

Theme “In Action”

Entry 121
Caption: “Explore the world and learnt from those to make it a Memories”
Photographer: NiraNoel

Entry 122
Caption: “Impact of climate change caused global warming to the planet, to protect this piece of green field is my mission right now.”
Photographer: Dahpne Kong

Entry 123
Caption: “Come ! Dance with me in this beautiful garden.”
Photographer: Dahpne Kong

Entry 124
Caption: “ I hate waiting, but if it is you, I will wait..”
Photographer: Janice Lim

Entry 125
Caption: “Check your gears and ready for action !!!”
Photographer: Loke Man Kai

Entry 126
Caption: “情意绵绵,轻吻为证” (Affection, a Light Kiss as Proof)
Photographer: Lee Siew Ni

Entry 127
Caption: “LOVE warms more than a thousand fires.”
Photographer: Lee Siew Ni

Submission CLOSED on 24th August 2022 at SGT 23:59 hours.

Total Submission: 297
Accepted: 127
Rejected: 170
Rejected (Blur/Out of Focus): 38
Rejected (Wrong Orientation/Square/Portrait): 59
Rejected (Submitted with No Caption/Too Much Caption): 36
Rejected (Multiple Submission/Excessive Submission): 23
Rejected (Sent Raw): 11
Rejected (Corrupted): 3