Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM

Looking at my gear set up, I am pretty much convinced that I got “covered” at most of the important focal range. When I got to know that my Dad was ill, I wanted to do something for him. The man loves wildlife and I would like to dedicate a collection of animal photos for him. I started hunting for a super telelphoto lens. During the process of research and selection for the lens to buy, I got taken back by the prices – Super telephoto lenses cost a bomb, an arm and probably add a limb too. Set backed, I started to ask for advices & recommendations from fellow photoraphers. Sigma was mentioned to me by several photographers so I decided to read up a bit more on their offerings. Sigma manufacture lots of super telephoto lenses at a great price, so I decide to check out the the Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM which became my 8th Lens.

* picture:  Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM.

As a person who owns a 100% Canon Lens Stable, buying a new 3rd Party lens is full of anticipation and stress. I was worrying over the smallest things like; will the lens work on my camera bodies, sharpness, build quality, etc. My worries are addressed the day I collected the Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM.
The lens was built very solidly and of good quality material. Switches was arranged sensibly and easy to operate. The package comes with a Lens strap, tripod mount ring, a hood, a lens pouch and instruction booklet. Very well package and priced! That was my first reaction when I opened the box. Optics wise, very pleased with the photos. Colors are well reproduced, sharpness is evident in every photo, and at F10, the photos are almost 3D. This may sound unbelievable or elaborated, but that is what I gotten from my copy.

* picture:  This is how Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM will look like after mounting on a camera and fully extended with hood. .

Using this lens requires lots of energy. The lens are huge and very heavy and I do not recommend shooting handheld, have it sitted on a tripod and the lens will feel more at home when mounted. And for those who are foreign to Sigma terms, APO stands for Apochromatic (lens are made using Special Low Dispersion Glass to control color abberration), DG stands for Digital (designed and suitable for use with both DSLR or SLR), OS stands for Optical Stabilizer (similar to Canon’s IS for Image Stabilizer or Nikkon’s VR for Vibration Control) and HSM stands for Hyper-Sonic Motor (similar to Canon’s USM for Ultrasonic Motor or Sony’s SSM for Super Sonic Motor) for fast and quiet focusing. The front elements zooms out very far during operation and it is constructed based on rear focusing mechanism. Lastly when mounted on my cropped bodies like the 350D-IR or 500D, I get a whopping range of 240-800mm! To conclude, I feel that I have made the right decision to buy this Sigma as my 1st 3rd party lens and my 8th lens to add to my stable. Well, at least my Dad loves my animal photos now.   


* picture:  This is how Sigma 150-500mm F5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM will look like after mounting on a tripod. .Some User Facts/ Information:
(If you are looking for the specs, please google yourself, it’s all over the internet.)
– Filter Size 86mm
– Lens Hood LH927-01 737 (Supplied in Box).

– Tripod Mount Ring (Supplied in Box).
– Average lens for Infra-red Photography (IR), Hotspotting appears from F10 onwards.
– Runs on Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM). 
– Optical Stabilizer (OS) comes in 2 modes (1 handheld and 1 panning) – Remember to switch off the OS when mounted on tripod.
– Focal Range when used on bodies with smaller APS-C sensors – 240-800mm.
– Sigma’s “Canon Mount” is designed for use on Canon’s EOS Full Frame & Cropped Bodies (with corresponding increase x1.6 APS-C or x1.3 APS-H)

What I Like:
– Super range of up to 800mm when used on my 500D & 350D-IR.
– Well priced.
– Good “in-the-box” package.
– Fast Focusing & Quiet HSM Lens.
– Solidly Built and Quality Construction.
– Distance Scale.

What I Hate:
– Very very very heavy lens.
– OS Mode 2 for Panning is not fast enough
– Exterior Material Coating attracts dust.

*Picture Source Internet.

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  1. Kirti says:

    I want Sigma APO DGOS 150-500 LENS in India Gujrat. So tell me from where I can get it near to me and what will be its price .

  2. Hi Kirti,

    I m not familiar with India, I suggest buying it off ebay and have it shipped to your location. 🙂


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