The Best Olympus DSLR Lenses That I Will Personally Pick.

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If you have read the last 2 articles, this is a series of articles about me sharing what are the lenses from the various manufacturers that I will pick & use on a personal basis. The last article was about the Sony Alpha Lenses that I will buy for my Sony system. Today, I am going to pick my lenses from the Olympus DSLR Lens line-up.

You are reminded once again that this is NOT a ”buying guide” or a technical review of each lenses. You can easily find those all over the internet. However, I am sharing based on personal experience, usability and how well these lenses compliment your work.

My Pick for Best Olympus Zoom lens (General Lens).

This is the lens that I will probably bring it everywhere I go, for commercial shoot or leisure walkabouts.

My pick will be the Olympus-Zuiko Digital 11-22mm F/2.8-3.5.  Categorized as “High Grade” Series (Olympus has 3 grades, Super High Grade, High Grade & Standard), this lens stands out among the same graders which in fact, I feel that it should have been given a “Super High Grade” rating. Why? This “drip proofed” & dust proofed lens feels solid on one’s hand (485gm) but not exactly heavy, and the width of the zoom ring rubber feels good during operation making this lens’ build quality that “feels” much more expensive than it really is.  On image quality, Zuiko is famed for their flawless rendering of colors and image sharpness through their lens construction. This lens has 12 Elements in 10 Groups, including 2 Aspherical Lens Elements (where similar models from other brands has about 10 elements in an average of 8 Groups) and this is definitely a professional grade lens. Though this lens has a moving apeture range between F2.8 to F3.5, this is a fast & bright lens, come on, it’s not even F4 so what are you complaining about? 🙂  Professional users had swear (and still swearing) about the high contrast & sharp photos produced from this lens, try it, and judge it for yourself.

Some Quick Information:
Olympus-Zuiko Digital 11-22mm F/2.8-3.5
Format: M43, with a corresponding 2X increase.
Focal Range: Ultra Wide Angle to Medium Telephoto 11mm-22mm or 22mm-44mm equivalent on 35mm format.
Filter Diameter: 72mm
Supplied with Box: Instruction, Lens Pouch & Lens Hood LH-75.
Suggested Alternative Lens:  Olympus-Zuiko Digital ED 9-18mm f4.0-5.6 (18-36mm on 35mm Format)

My Pick for Best Olympus Telephoto Zoom lens (Telephoto Lens).
This is the lens that I will use for portraiture work, short range wildlife shots & street photography

Many of you would have already guessed my pick will be the Olympus-Zuiko ED 35-100mm F2.0 (70-200mm on 35mm format).  In case you are not aware, this lens is the heaviest among all the “70-200mm” range at 1650gm (1800gm with tripod ring)! Categorized as a “Super High Grade” Series lens, this lens is somewhat a showcase model that Olympus wants the world to know. Designed as the world’s fastest “70-200mm” with a bright apeture of F2.0 (Other brands manages at F2.8) and with 1 “Super ED” and 4 ED glass elements for absolute lowest possible chromatic aberration, this is a monster of lenses. As a Super High Grader, this contrasty portrait lens comes splash & dust proofed as standard so it is also a great wildlife lens, (and certainly ready for abuse). Wondering about the bokehs? With 9 circular blades apeture + F2.0, you will never look back at F2.8 portraits again. (OK, I am mainly a Canon user, and hoping Canon will give us a 70-200mm F2.0 someday too).

Some Quick Information:
Olympus-Zuiko ED 35-100mm F2.0
Format: M43, with a corresponding 2X increase.
Focal Range: Medium Telephoto to Telephoto 35mm-100mm or 70mm-200mm equivalent on 35mm format.
Filter Diameter: 77mm
Supplied with Box: Instruction, Lens Pouch & Lens Hood LH-82. (Tripod Ring may not be included in some Countries)
Suggested Alternative Lens:  Olympus- Zuiko Digital 40-150mm F4.0-5.6 (80-300mm on 35mm Format)

 My Pick for Best Olympus Standard lens (Prime Lens).
This is the lens that I will use for a wide variety of applications when zooming is not everything.

Ok, I picked a Macro lens this time. The  Olympus-Zuiko ED 50mm f/2 Macro is like no other. Small & compact, this “High Grade” lens gives sharp close ups photos when stop down (tell you why below, read on) and when wide open, it double up as one of the best prime portrait lens available today in the market. Made “drip & dust” proofed, this quality & elegant lens is built for performance. Weighing at only 300gm, this is one lens that you may wish to carry it around in your bag. This macro lens has a minimum focusing distance of 24cm and the focus speed is fast – probably due to the floating system, but sadly it has a magnification ratio of 1:2, which really means, this is not a real macro lens even though Olympus calls it one. This lens will be more appropriate if called a good “close focusing lens”. However when used for portraiture work, an apeture of F2.0 does produce wonderful photos with creamy bokeh. You gain some, you lose some. 🙂

Some Quick Information:
Olympus-Zuiko ED 50mm f/2 Macro
Format: M43, with a corresponding 2X increase.
Focal Range: Medium Telephoto 50mm or 100mm equivalent on 35mm format.
Filter Diameter: 52mm
Supplied with Box: Instruction, Lens Pouch & Lens Hood LH-55.
Suggested Alternative Lens:  Olympus Zuiko 35mm f/3.5 Macro (70mm on 35mm Format)

The above 3 Olympus-Zuiko lenses are the lenses that I will buy if I must have just 3 lenses for an Olympus system. The selected lenses above are not your buying guide, but instead, what I will want to have in my camera bag. In the light and era of Canon, Nikon & Sony, Olympus remained focused on their committment to photographers by innovating and designing cameras & lenses that are of high quality, user-friendly and still produces high optical quality images. Though Olympus has a slightly smaller following today as compared to just 10 years ago, I will attribute Olympus as the “Victim” of marketing. While the other big boys are sizing up on each other with millions of dollars spent on advertising all these years, Olympus chose to stay low, use the cash for more in-depth R&D and quietly winning fans back with products that others can only imagine. Start googling. 🙂

The above reviews/statement/ findings/ comparisons/ claims are solely personal views consolidated, compiled & based on personal surveys, usage experience, feedbacks from fellow users. This article is NOT PAID by the Brand owner and this article is presented as a reading reference from 1st person point of view.

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