Featured Photographer – Royston Ang

Royston Ang, The Film Guy

We came to know Royston from another photography group some months ago. Since then, Royston has joined us for more than 7 group outings. Royston is known as the "film" guy in the group as he uses film cameras as his main medium. From our sources, we know he owns a BlackBirdFly (TLR), a SuperSampler, a B&B 135, a Holga 135BC, a Seagull 205 & a Minolta XG-1. We suspect there could be more cameras hiding in his house. He plays an important part in the group (along with a few other film users) with his film-based influences and that actually resulted in more photographers venturing into film photography lately. We are not spared from his "poison" too, today we have inherited a Yashica MG-1 (RF), a Konica C-35 AF (PnS), a BlackBirdFly (TLR), a Canon EOS 5 (SLR) & a Canon EOS 3000QD (SLR) and sometimes shoot with a borrowed Rolleiflex (120 TLR). (Thanks hor Royston – :)~)

On a side note, Royston (sort of) evoked memories of my early SLR days which I gave up shortly after failing to learn the fundamentals and I always ended up with bad photos. But that’s another story. (lolz) And by the way, did I mentioned that Royston is our favourite model during shoots too? (he is very photogenic by the way) – Ladies, he is TAKEN.

Royston is a very humble and quiet guy, but very friendly when approached. He is very open about what knows and shares it with anyone who asked. We hope to learn more about film from him in the near future. With that, I am featuring some of his works (using the various cameras mentioned above) below for your viewing enjoyment.

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