— A Macro-Technique Photography Workshop for Beginners

The photography workshop is presented in conjunction with the December rock-dance concert in support of Project Dance Edge to raise awareness for disadvantaged youth.

The workshop content literally zooms into an imagined pair of eyes/images and play with the idea of hidden or unnoticed vision. Through the camera lenses, can we assume the perspective of the invisible and the forgotten*?

Imagine what would the invisible and the forgotten see in the urban habitat? How does the garden in the city offer temporary refuge to them? Can the invisible and the forgotten species, though shroud in oblivion, still see beauty and breathe in vitality?

***For this workshop the invisible and the forgotten refer to hidden or neglected things or persons in our urban environment

Technical Curriculum:
Under guidance of Allan Lee, participants will learn—
New perspective on photo framing (class)
Up-close-and personal with subject of nature (class)
Post production tips (class)
Basic shooting techniques (field)
Selecting effective subjects (field)
Approaching wild insects (field)
Using tools to create stunning macro photos (field)

Workshop Requirement:
Participants must come with digital equipment to capture images
(Digital cameras, mobile-phone cameras, DSLRs)
Workshop curriculum is designed for beginners
Workshop session is divided into two parts —
In class lecture at *SCAPE– 1 hour
Field trip to the Singapore Botanic Gardens– 3 hours
Transport is provided for field trip (to and fro Botanic Gardens & *SCAPE)
Participants are to submit two best photos by 17 Oct, 12noon for
workshop exhibition at *SCAPE
Selected best works will be awarded.

Publicity release : 18 Oct 2010
Registration Closed : 8 Nov 2010
Photography workshop/field-trip : 13 Nov 2010
Photo Entry submission : 17 Nov 2010 (by 12 noon)
Photo short-listing/selection/ judging : 19 Nov 2010
Photo exhibition : 26 Nov 2010

Exhibition Selection/ Judging Panel:
Angela Liong (ARTS FISSION),
Allan Lee (Shutter Journey Singapore),
*SCAPE official
Canon Singapore
About Project Dance Edge™
Project Dance Edge™ (PDE) is a dance and movement based social intervention programme initiated in April 2007 by The ARTS FISSION Company, in partnership with *SCAPE. Since then, about 300 Singapore youths age eight to 18 years old under the care of voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs) have directly benefitted from the programme. Its inception gained approval and financial support from MCYS under its ComCare Social Support Projects Fund Scheme for two years. It also received contributions from local foundations and individual donors.

PDE participants attend regular dance training sessions, camps or workshops during school holidays at *SCAPE’s premises or other venues such as the Drama Centre and Esplanade. The training workshops are conducted by dancers, musicians, theatre technicians and other arts professionals from ARTS FISSION with the assistance of VWO caregivers. PDE has since partnered with about 15 local VWOs including the Singapore Children’s Society, Beyond Social Services and Care Corner Singapore.

PDE provides unique platform for the participants to learn about themselves and empower them to work in a group through an annual public performance. Character building, life skills and active interaction with the community are the key training objectives.

We are in need of public support in order to sustain PDE training workshops. The project hopes to outreach to the community at large and target particularly youth-at-risk with the aim to spark life-changing opportunities through the discipline of vigorous dance training.

About The Arts Fission Company:
The ARTS FISSION COMPANY is a Singapore based dance laboratory with the vision to rekindle human spirit by a new genre of dance theatre informed by Asian traditions, cultures, and aesthetics. Poised in Southeast Asia, ARTS FISSION creates its dance works in sync with the pulses of new Asia.

Many of ARTS FISSION’s original creations are acute responses to the emerging contemporary Asian identity amidst the rapid developing urban environment. These works aim to experiment and reinvent vernacular gesture and movement into a new dance vocabulary that cross-references between urban Asia and old Asia. This artistic direction marks ARTS FISSION with a distinct dance profile. The company has presented over 60 full-length productions locally and internationally to date.

Guided by the vision of artistic director Angela Liong, the company is engaged in a wide range of diverse community outreach projects and programmes to connect everyday life to the arts. To mark her artistic excellence and valuable accomplishments in the field, Angela received the highest artistic accolade of Singapore, The Cultural Medallion in 2009.

“The Arts Fission Company is Singapore’s blossoming performing arts scene at its best—innovative, eclectic, willing to take risks, richly human.”
–Brian Mertens, WINGSPAN ANA magazine

About Allan Lee
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