The Olympus SZ-31MR Experience Featuring Wong Renhao

When Olympus launched the SZ-30MR, it took the world by surprise with its 24xZoom, being the first of its class in the world of high end digital compacts. But flaws were evident, like a low resolution LCD, bad ISO performance etc. The newly incarnation comes in the form of SZ-31MR. So does the replacement matches up to market standards?

The Editor caught up with one semi-professional photographer Wong Renhao recently and decided to pass the review unit from Olympus Singapore to him for a couple of days.

Photo by Wong Renhao using the SZ-31MR.

Editor: How was the Olympus SZ-31MR?

Wong: Excellent. Totally amazing!

Editor: Tell me more.

Wong: Well, first, the handling is pretty decent as the grip allows me to hold the camera firmly and prevent accidental falls and the layout of the buttons are sensible and easy to reach. I like the LCD screen too. It’s very bright and sharp.

Editor: What about the performance? Would you like to share?

Wong: As a DSLR user, I wouldn’t want to compare but looking at the SZ-31MR from a compact point of view, this little camera produces decent and clean photos. Especially when pushed to ISO1600. Personally I do not recommend pushing the ISO to 3200 though. The digital noise can be a little overbearing.

Photo by Wong Renhao using the SZ-31MR.

Editor: What about the focusing? Fast enough?

Wong: Definitely very fast for a compact!

Editor: Did you play with the video function too?

Wong: I did, but didn’t quite like it, this is personal though, I don’t really do video.

Editor: So what are the Key Pros & Cons of SZ-31MR from your experience?

Wong: Hmmm, let me start from the Pros then. First, I am (still) impressed with the super zoom of 24X, lens quality is excellent, the ability to shoot stills while recording a video and of course the ergonomics for handling. As for the Cons, I hope Olympus can improve on their ISO performance, and maybe use more metal in the next SZ instead of engineered plastic.

Editor: Did you use the Touch Screen function too?

Photo by Wong Renhao using the SZ-31MR.

Wong: I did, very useful especially when I needed a focus point and all I did was touch the area on the screen that I would like to focus and the camera just click. And the famed Super Macro Mode, that is very Olympus and still useful, in fact this is my most favorite function from Olympus compacts.

Editor: How will you use the SZ-31MR to complement your photography lifestyle?

Wong: The SZ-31MR will be excellent for me to carry around when I am not on assignments or when I doing leisure shooting at photography events. The light & compact profile is good for tucking away into my pocket and the super zoom serves a variety of shooting functions and this is simply a “no-brainer” compact that I would love to have it with me at most time. I also think that this will be a great cam for street photography.

Editor: Will you buy it? Recommend it to your photography peers?

Photo by Wong Renhao using the SZ-31MR.

a crop from the above photo.
Photo by Wong Renhao using the SZ-31MR.

Wong:  Why not? It’s Olympus. J

Editor: Thank you Wong.

Photo: Wong Renhao.
Wong Renhao is a Semi-Pro Photographer residing in Singapore.

For the full specifications of the Olympus SZ-31MR, please visit your local Olympus Imaging Website for more details and retail information.

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