Facebook Stunt for Sigma Lens Gets A Winner!

It all started out innocently as I wanted to find out how many of my peers uses Sigma lenses and their views on it. This is more of a consolidation exercise for information for this site ( for future uses and numbers can be very important.) As the Editor, I tested it out on my personal Facebook Wall. Here below is a screen shot of what I posted.

And when I saw the “LIKES” and Comments pouring in, I decided to test it further. Well reward systems works well in this country,
and I am ready to go all the way at this point and approach Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd for a lens if the below pulls off.

Then…………… my Faceboook Thread got shared over and over and comments flooded the status.

And what happened next is too easy to predict, somehow Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd
came to know about this little “Stunt” that is happening on my wall and they contacted me and told
me that they are keen to be “involved” in this. I made a little announcement here and this stunt went as
far as Australia, Canada, Malaysia & Indonesia as the hits begins to record visitations from these countries
leading to the article. The Site Traffic boomed to a record high of over 1250 hits in a mere 24 hours.

Today, a rep from Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd decided to select a “best comment” and a winner was selected.

This is like an impossible situation or mission at the start, but it ended up well as this
stunt had generated huge responses from existing Sigma users and even potential Sigma users.
It seems like Sigma has a great following after all. And I am glad to report that, my site had
many articles on Sigma Lenses & Cameras and that also adds up to a big traffic statistics being

L to R: Dr. Freddy Ng (President – Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Miss Tan Kim Peng (Prize Winner) & Mr. Allan Lee (Editor – SJS)

Lastly, I would like to Congratulate the Winner, Miss Tan Kim Peng (pictured above) for this Sigma Stunt by me, the crazy Editor for being
selected as the winner for a Brand New Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM lens Courtesy of Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd.

For those who did not win, fear not, who knows, I might be crazy enough to pull off another stunt in the near future?

Stay tuned to this site, Subscribed, RSS Feeds, etc.

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