Photographers Who Undercharged Others.


To the REAL Professional Photographers:
Dear Brothers & Sisters, Sell your Standards and not your services. A Price war will not
do us any good or help the photography industry in any way. Our unique styles makes us
successful, our individual perspectives are loved by our customers so that they are willing
to pay us our fees. Each of us has bills to pay, gears to maintain and I know exactly how it
feels when you are 2 pay cheques from to living out on the street. Hang on there everyone.

To the “Professional” Photographers:
Dear Friends, it is fun and sometimes cool to make some extra cash with your top-of-the-line
camera & lenses. I am not discouraging you from learning or gaining more experiences by
taking on jobs & assignments, but please charge reasonably. If you are a super good
photographer and charges on $500 for a full day wedding assignment, what would the market
think of the Professional Photographers who charges $2,800 for the same job?

Go Figure everyone.

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