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15th September 2013, Singapore – Olympus’s latest Pen Lite, the EPL-6 has hit the shelves for a little while since its launch.
Hence by now, there are already tons of reviews available online from the usual review sites & from end users. We decided to have a go and check out the EPL-6 and a review was planned.  Olympus claimed that picture quality from the EPL-6 is equivalent to its more powerful OM-D and it comes with a super Fast AF system so that users can now use the Lite for High-speed focusing and other goodies like built-in time lapse video, interval shooting, 12 Art filters etc.

Photo: the Olympus EPL-6, probably the only sign that this is the latest model.

Touch AF is available on the EPL-6 allowing users to touch, instant focus and shoot in a fraction of a second – when put to actual use, this is one of the fastest focusing system in the market right now. The 16 megapixel sensor promises “OM-D-ish” superb picture quality. On first look, the EPL-6 looks similar to its predecessor, handling wise, it feels comfortable and ergonomics are well sorted. (i have large hands). 🙂

Photo: the Olympus EPL-6, attractive little package.

Key Functions:

As usual, we are not going in depth like other “technical heavy” sites. Rather we chose to test out the EPL-6 for a night out – something different from our past Olympus reviews where we usually tested the cams in the day. Below are the photos taken directly from the Olympus EPL-6 with mild editing like cropping, level adjustments and watermarks, everything else is what we got from the camera. Check out the photos below and decide for yourself.

P9140011 P9140012 P9140017 P9140001

I took a shot from really far and see the following crops – amazingly the EPL-6 performs superbly well at low light and still produce sharp photo!

P9140003 P9140003a P9140003b P9140003c

In conclusion, the Olympus EPL-6 performs excellently well at night! Although I personally felt that the grip can be a little more beefy for a more confident hold, the photos made it up with good noise handling (Most of the photos above were shot at ISO3200 & Above) and the AF, if Olympus calls it fast, I will call it super fast! The touch focus allows accurate focus every time without missing a single shot and the swivel-LCD screen simply completes the EPL-6 package. If a camera performed this well at night, I bet the EPL-6 is a monster-in-disguise by day.


For more information on the EPL-6, please visit here.

Thank you Olympus Imaging Singapore for letting us have the EPL-6 for this weekend!

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  1. dead cockroach says:

    Hi, I just got this cam today. Can I check with you is the screen in portrait mode the moment I switch it on? How do I switch between portrait and landscape mode?

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