2nd Batch of Colored Frame UV Filters ARRIVED!


Thank you for all the kind support for the previous web order.
Every single Filter in our inventory is SOLD OUT!

As mentioned in my previous advertisement, these Filters are single-coated for Ultra Violet, High Quality Frame, Excellent Finish,
Perfect for pimping up your lenses, for easy identification in case of snatch theft especially during travelling, for personalization, as gifts,
as a spare filter in your bag!

For those who doesn’t know what’s going on, please visit here.
For those who had missed the online ordering of the attractive colored framed UV filters, GOOD NEWS!

A New Shipment had arrived Today!

For this shipment, we have UV Filters in the following size.
Price Starts from SGD $5.00 Onwards.
ORDER Today before everything Runs Out Again!
Order details below.

To Order from Singapore:
For Singapore Buyers please SMS me at +65 9764 9167 for Pricing & Availability.

To Order from Everywhere Else:
Please email for Pricing & Availability + your required colors, size, quantity
and your paypal email address. I will bill you via Paypal.
Once payment is cleared, I will ship out immediately.
*Shipping is free if filter is shipped out individually.
My Email is media_world@live.com

Item/ Available From This Shipment
1) 43mm UV Metallic Silver
2) 52mm UV Metallic Blue
3) 52mm UV Metallic Pink
4) 52mm UV Metallic Red
5) 52mm UV Metallic Gold
6) 52mm UV Regular Black
7) 58mm UV Metallic Green
8) 58mm UV Metallic Gold
9) 58mm UV Metallic Bronze
10) 58mm UV Regular Black
11) 62mm UV Regular Black
12) 67mm UV Metallic Blue (Last Piece Reserved)
13) 72mm UV Metallic Red (Last Piece Reserved)
14) 72mm UV Metallic Pink (Last Piece Reserved)
15) 77mm UV Metallic Blue

ORDER at will.
First come, First Served!

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