Pentax Q10 Comes to Singapore in 100 Colors!

UPDATE: 02 March 2013.
Hi All that placed orders with me. Please Note that the Q10 comes w the 5-15mm F2.8-4.5 zoom lens. Only the previous version Q-01 comes with 8.5mm F1.9. So if you need the prime, u need to place separate order. And All Q mount lens only comes in Silver and no other color. Thank you.


26th Feb 2013 – APDS, the local distributor for Pentax imaging products had informed me that they have gotten the green light to bring the 100 colors of the super popular Pentax Q10 into Singapore via a pre-order system.

All the buyer needs to do is to just log on to to
select their preferred Body Color, followed by the Grip Color and a Color Code will be Generated.

Once the Code is Generated, the buyer just need to call APDS with the color code and get further details on how to
complete their Order. Delivery is approximately 1 month – considering the fact that your selected color combination
will be put together by an assembly technician upon receiving your order and the packing & shipping time involved.


You can now personalized your Q10 to your favorite colors, create not just superb quality photos,
but also create an attitude that is truly you. The Pentax Q10 comes with an array of colors during launch
with the standard Red, Silver and Black Body with the new Q Mount Lenses. Now, following the track of
its bigger brothers like the K-M, K-X, K-R and the mighty semi-Pro weather resistant K-30, now Q10
will fill the mirror-less market with a 100 colors!

For my photography students who are interested to order (at a special price), just log on to the color stimulator
site as above and email me at with the generated color code. I will fill you in with the special price & other details!


To read about the Pentax Q10 Specs, visit here.
To Customize a Color, visit here.
To Order**, email the Generated Color Code to

About Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING CORPORATION was originally founded in 1919 under the name Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co. In the 1950s, launched the first SLR camera, the Asahiflex I, and the company haven’t stopped since. From the Asahi PENTAX single-lens reflex camera to the Spotmatic and to our most recent K-5II and incredibly tiny Q10, Pentax empowers and inspired photographers around the world.

About APDS


Audio & Photo Distributor (Far East) Pte. Ltd. formerly known as MHE Consumer (S) Pte. Ltd was founded in 1973.

Since its inception Audio & Photo has had been the distributor of many well-known international consumer brands such as Konica cameras from Japan, Kenwood and Nakamachi hi-fi products from Japan, and Metz flash and accessories, Rollei cameras and Jos Schneider enlarging/professional lenses from Germany, to name a few.

Currently Audio & Photo Distributor is the sole distributor of Pentax & Ricoh cameras from Japan . With over 35 years of marketing experience and history, Audio & Photo has developed a strong network of dealers located islandwide in Singapore with whom it enjoys close rapport and support.

Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd bides by its belief that it exists because of the customer, and therefore it will always strive to serve the needs of its customers with full dedication and commitment.


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