3 Years is a Long Time – SJS Celebrates 3rd Year in Service.

 Advocators of Carefree Photography Celebrates 3 years of photography.


How time flies. Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group or “SJS” is 3 years old today. Formed purely for the sake of having an independent photography group for community learning and sharing of knowledge and the common love of photography, the group had came a long way since 1st March 2010.


Bringing people together from all walks of life and all levels of photography from beginners to professionals, the group was working towards creating a culture dubbed by the Founders as “Carefree Photography” which was (and still is) well received by the members. There is certainly no hierarchy in photography, everyone is the same. It’s not the brand that anyone is using, only our style made us different from each other.


Events formed the main element of SJS. From weekly photo-shoots, to overseas trips, to commercial assignments, to having our every own photography exhibition without corporate assistance, to organizing photography talks, charity shoots, grassroots events, arts & performing arts, photography contests, seminars & courses, we have done it all. And this was made possible because it is also the very same people who attend the events that helped to make it happened from planning stages to actual execution. Trust us, it is not as easy as it seems. And not to forget, the hardworking moderators who have been an excellent help to us. Till date, SJS had organized over 250 photography-related events in 3 years with everyone’s help!


Running an independent group is never easy. We knew this from the start, people will come, people will go, and keeping everyone together is definitely not easy. For those who had left SJS, we hoped that we had done our part in their photography journey while wishing them all their best and hope they continue their learning journey elsewhere. As for those that are still active today, we hope to be able to continue meeting their learning needs, to enrich their photography journeys and to assist them in every possible way so that together, we can continue to improve ourselves together – as a group, as a community.


Planning for events is another headache as Singapore is just a little bigger than Sentosa (pardon the pun). We have to constantly invent new photography ideas, reading up newspapers & surfing online sites for events or news, researching on new techniques and even working with other photography groups to organize events together. What goes on behind the scenes is really something that words cannot really describe. But still we went ahead and enjoyed every minute of it. As much as we enjoy putting the event together, we hope the members will also enjoy every event with us.


After all, the group is for everybody, SJS is for everybody.
Thank you for the past support rendered to us and we hope to have your continued support for many years to come.

Thank You. CLICK!

Allan LEE & TAN Yuling
Founding Photographers & Editors
Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group
Shutter Journey (Singapore) Commercial Photography
Shutter Journey (SGP) Photography Blog
SJS 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!
In conjunction with our anniversary celebrations, we are giving away some really cool prizes that are kindly sponsored by our corporate sponsors who had played a big part in helping SJS grow to what it is today. They are none other than Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd & Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd.

With their kind sponsorship, we are giving away the below prizes as a token of our appreciation & our thanks to all of you!

Prize 1: 04 x Joby Gorillapod Original
Worth SGD $29.00 Each
We have one of each color to give away! (Charcoal, Fuchsia, Lime & Sky Blue)
Prize sponsored by Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd

Prize 2: 10 x Leather Camera Leather Strap (100% Leather) by Ricoh
Worth SGD $75.00 Each.
Prize sponsored by Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd

Prize 3: 06 x Massa UV Single Coat Colored Frame Filters
Worth from SGD $15.00 – $28.00 Each. (Depending on Size)
Prize sponsored by SJS Founders Allan & Ling.

How to Win?
1) Just Answer the below 3 Questions.
2) Email your answers to sjscontest@live.com by 13th March 2013.
3) And You Stand to Win One of the 3 Prizes!

Question 1.
What does SJS stands for?

Question 2.
The Joby Gorillapod family is the original flexible tripod in the camera accessories market.
True / False
Question 3.  
Do Pentax Make DSLRs?
Yes/ No

*Only Emails with 3 Correct Answers will be considered a successful entry.
*Prizes will be randomly picked for the Winning Entries.
*Once we received 20 successful entries, it means All 20 Prizes is WON,
*Contest Ends without further notification.
*Winners Name will be Announced on this Website.
*Winners Will be contacted for Prize Collection.
*Good Luck & Have Fun!

To Find Out More About SJS, visit here.

To Find Out More About Cathay Photo Store (Pte) Ltd, visit here.

To Find Out More About Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd, visit here.

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