SJS May & June 2013 Events

For those who are interested to join Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group Events.
All May & June 2013 events will be duplicated here from our Facebook Page as an overview with all the event links
(to Facebook for RSVP & Information) for the month.

Please Read the Event Information CAREFULLY & Requirements before you RSVP.


SJS/ BRPCC Joint Event – Marina Bay Finder in Mono.

Event Info:
SJS & BRPCC comes together to explore Marina Bay (Marina Barrage, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Clifford Pier, Fullerton Heritage, Merlion Park, Esplanade, Marina Square, Singapore Flyer to Marina FI Pits.)
We are going to cover Esplanade to Singapore Flyer Stretch for this round.
Yes, you read it right – Shoot ONLY in Monochrome (Black & White – No Sephia too.)

(Additional Notes)
Initially this event we intended to get URA involved since they are the governing authority for this stretch of Singapore – and since they “hang to sell”, we do it on our own just like our other events. We Suggest, but We never Beg.
Come & Re-discover our “metropolitan sea front” in mono and enjoy an afternoon walk with us.

Where: Marina Bay of Singapore.
Meet: Esplanade Taxi Stand
When: 05th May 2013 (Sunday)
Meeting Time: 02.00pm (Briefing & Group Shot)
Attire: Anything.
Gear: Any Camera (DSLR, SLR, TLR, Compact, Mirrorless, Handphone, etc.
– Bring Poncho/ Umbrella/ Camera Rain Cover etc for those who will melt or fried.
(You have been warned – don’t say we never tell you ah)

RSVP at:


SJS Limited Series – FoodInMacro.

Event Info:
SJS brings back another round of Food shoot but with a little Twist this time.
All attendees are limited to using Macro lens only for this event. Instead of the usual
food presentation, this time we are going up close with textures, lines, patterns and colors
of the food that we want to shoot. See food like never before with a 10x Crop. J
Come join us for a Fun Dinner complete with Food Photography too!

Where: Maxwell Hawker Centre
Meet: Maxwell Hawker Centre
When: 22nd May 2013 (Wednesday)
Meeting Time: 07.30pm (Briefing & Group Shot & Shoot Commence)
Attire: Anything.
Gear: Any Camera (DSLR, SLR, TLR, Compact, Mirrorless, Handphone, etc.

RSVP at:


SJS (Re)visits The New Bishan Park.

Event Info:
SJS Returns to the Newly Renovated 62 hectares Bishan Park for a 2nd Round.
Expect excellent landscaping, new park furnitures, new water features and scenic pathways –  see it all (or shoot it all) at the new Bishan Park. This is a free for all shoot means you can do anything you like – be it landscape photo, macro, long exposure or anything you feel like doing as long as it is legal.
Come join us for a late Sunday afternoon walk through the blue hours!

Where: Bishan Park
Meet: Bishan Park Car Park (Path Leading to Asmara SPA)
When: 26th May 2013 (Sunday)
Meeting Time: 04.15pm (Briefing & Group Shot & Shoot Commence)
Attire: Anything.
Gear: Any Camera (DSLR, SLR, TLR, Compact, Mirrorless, Handphone, etc.

Getting There
Services 132, 133, 136, 165, 166, 169 and 262 from Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange.
Service 410 from Bishan MRT Station.

RSVP at:


SJS MacroWalk – Night Macro at Marang Trail.

Event Info:
SJS Returns to Marang Trail for a Night MacroWalk this time.
Always missed by the public except for those who works around the area.
A pretty much hidden path that leads up to the peak of Mt. Faber from VivoCity.
This trail is home to many night insects and the occasional horned beatles which is
supposedly “breeding season”. This is also another known place for hunting down Tiger beatles and other night insects.
Come join us for a cool evening walk hunting down night crawlies at Marang Trail – the Forgotten Trail.

Where: Marang Trail
Meet: Seah Imm Food Centre
When: 05th Jun 2013 (Wednesday)
Meeting Time: 07.30pm (Briefing & Group Shot & Shoot Commence)
Attire: Anything.
Gear: Any Camera that can do macro. (Any regular set up for macro will do)

RSVP at:


SJS – ToyArt by the Bay.

Event Info:
This Round, bring your Toys, we are going to find interesting angles and backgrounds to imposed our toy figurines, vehicles, etc at Gardens by the Bay.
Come join us for an interesting Sunday afternoon playing & shooting with Toys.
Yes – (I really meant) Toys.

**Additional Notes:
Initially planned as an event (Talk + Competition) for Gardens by the Bay but due to
logistics issues, we have decided to do it on our own – SJS Style without corporate support. We came together to shoot, and purely to shoot and share our techniques & pointers. Whether it’s “by the Bay” or “by anywhere”, we will have fun.

Where: ToyArt at Gardens by the Bay
Meet: Satay by the Bay
When: 16th Jun 2013 (Sunday)
Meeting Time: 04.00pm (Briefing & Group Shot & Shoot Commence)
Attire: Anything.
Gear: Any Camera that you are comfortable with + Toy figurines or toy vehicles.

RSVP at:


SJS – Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves.

Event Info:
The favorite place for shooting birds (Birdings), shooting insects (Macro) & nature scenes (landscape) – and there is where SJS will be heading! Our past visits to Sungei Buloh had always harvested interesting shots of migratory birds, sea creatures during low tide and tons of colorful spiders & many more!
Come feed mosquitoes with us while sneaking up on birds on a Sunday afternoon!

Where: Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserves
Meet: At the Café INSIDE after the Entrance.
When: 23rd Jun 2013 (Sunday)
Meeting Time: 02.00pm (Briefing & Group Shot & Shoot Commence)
Attire: Anything.
Gear: Depending on what you want to do. Just pack your gears accordingly.
* Recommend to bring Poncho & weather cover for your gears.

RSVP at:


OK Folks, That’s all for the month of May & June 2013.

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You will never miss another event again.
Till then, Happy Shooting Everyone~!


Allan Lee & Yu Ling
Mad Photographers.

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