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Travellution Magazine Issue No. 19, Page 80 & 81.

All Photos for this feature were shot with a Pentax K-30. 🙂

English Translation Below, Courtesy of Nicole Wong.

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English Translation
Courtesy of Awesome Awesome Nicole Wong: (Thank You Nicole!!! Muacks Muacks!)

Qn1: When did you start to enjoy photography? Why?

I started enjoying photography in 1996, however, it was only in 2003 when I treated this hobby as a profession, and stepped into digital photography. This hobby was nurtured by a friend’s camera, which shot a very cool photo. The sound of the shutter, background and beautiful photos were what I like most. From then onwards, I bought my first SLR and there is no turning back, but to move forward.

Qn2: What was the most enjoyable and most often worked on in which genre of photography?

I was trained as a wedding photographer, and also for products photography (advertising purposes) as well as a activity photographer. To me, my favorite style of photography would be travel and infrared.

Qn 3: When you first started into the photography profession, was there a difference in equipment used back then and today?

When I first started, I only had a Nikon SLR, but today I have over 40 DSLRs and over 100 different types of lenses. The main reason for upgrading the equipment is because I feel that as a photography instructor, it is important to understand each brand’s main function. This is so that I can pass on my understanding and knowledge to students who are using different brands of cameras. If its for work, I will only upgrade the camera if the old camera is unable to produce images that my customers require.

Qn4: How has photography inspire you?

Photography is like an invisible force, and it helps me continue to improve myself. When I come across places that I have not photographed before, I will feel very high. I guess it’s because of the invisible force!

Qn 5: Someone mentioned that if the focus is more on photography during travels, one would lose the interest of traveling. What are your views?

I don’t think so. People who enjoy photography will naturally find their interest in it. I think no one would wish to enjoy a holiday and return home with blur photographs. This is why I enjoy planning my own itinerary, and approach the travel agency to follow the itinerary and arrange a tour group for me. If not, I would do a “private tour group”, and have more time to enjoy photography.

Qn 6: In 1 year, how much did you spend on travel photography?

I travel often, and it’s difficult to calculate travel expenses, due to the mode of traveling and location of the country. As for photography equipment expenses, I have spent about $100,000 in 3 years.

Qn 7: In travel photography, which factor (concept, lighting etc) is the most important? Why?

For me, I would first work out a main theme, and this main theme must be able to evoke feelings or inspiration, and to form a story with the image. The second factor would be lighting.

Qn8: What is the greatest satisfaction or reward that travel photography would bring?

A lot of life experiences, sharing of other people’s stories, making a lot of friends, which also allows traveling to a lot of known and unknown places. However, photography is definitely not a money-spinning career.

Qn9: Please use one sentence to express the relationship between you, photography and traveling.

When I travel, I can forget about everything, but not my camera.


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