Industry Voices – Compiled

A collection of quotes from whatapps messages sent to me by my friends & students, from forwarded emails, facebook pages, etc.

All the contents below did not originated from me.
All original Authors name had been withheld to protect their identity.
All contents below are for sharing and entertainment, not targeted at anyone, any company, anything.



1) “Why buy T*mron when you can afford Sigm*?”
– Tan XX XXX

2) “Looking for free photographers to cover a charity event…”
– Shu XXX

3) “That shop selling this lens at $4XXX, you had been doped. I got it at $5 cheaper.”
– Lim XXX XX

4) “Pentax is an excellent system, but too expensive in Singapore.”
– XX Sim

5) “No lah, C*non system better. You sure you did your research? There’s another brand called N*kon you know?”
– “Some Gurus at some online forum.”

6) “I heard that a replacement model is coming out soon”.
– Lim XXX XX

7) “Last time do 1 job rest 1 week, now every week must get job else how to pay bills?”
– Chen XXXX XX

Well, voices are still voices. Everyone still entitles to their own views, what can we say?

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