The Making of Pentax Q Advertisement – Behind the Scenes

30th August 2013, Singapore – We have finally decided to go public with what went on behind the scenes for creating the Pentax Q Advertisement in Singapore.

So what did we used to shoot the Pentax Q Advertisement?

We used a Pentax Q of course!

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7 Responses to The Making of Pentax Q Advertisement – Behind the Scenes

  1. kadajawi says:

    Sadly the video wasn’t taken with a K-5… the image stabilization could have helped quite a bit against the rolling shutter based wobble. I still consider the K-5 line the best video camera Pentax ever built… it’s a shame cause the K-30/K-01 were probably just a firmware update away from getting a proper video function (deactivating that useless electronic video stabilization and using the SR system instead…).

    • Kadajawi, I have the same thoughts as you too. But the person behind this video is doing videography for the first time in his life, hahahahaha.
      But I certainly agree the K-5 Video is worth respecting for.

      • kadajawi says:

        Yes, even Film Riot seems to have started using a Pentax K-5, and they typically use 5Ds, REDs, … so it should be quite decent. And the stabilization is wonderful. Plus being able to get MJPEG files at high bitrates…

        Hot pixels are a big issue on the K-5 though for video… the camera gets too hot too fast.

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