SJS Giveaway Part IV !!!

08th September 2013, Singapore – This is Part IV of our Annual Giveaway! Thank you for your kind support for the previous 3 giveaways which had gotten our mail box flooded with entries! We are very encouraged by everyone’s respondence and here we are, part 4!

How to Win?
Step 1- Watch The Video below.
Step 2 – Answer the below 2 Questions
a) How many times did the Yellow Pentax Q Appeared in the Video?
b) How many lenses are there in the Pentax Q Mount?
Step 3 – Email your answers to with the subject “SJS PartIV Giveaway” by 13th Friday 2013 midnight!

Good Luck Everyone!


Special Thanks to our Sponsor & Accredited Merchant P&G Photographic Centre!

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