Ourshutterjourney.com Polo Shirts – Accepting Orders Now!

Picture: Front View of the Polo Tee.
Photo Credits: Ardyanthi S Sjarif

20th December 2014, Singapore – Seen SJS photographers on the streets before? Or the person shooting your wedding was spotted wearing the same Polo Tee? SJS photographers are everywhere. From Casual Shoots to commercial projects or charity events, we are prominently seen & recognized.

Be Part of the action!
Due to many requests, we are taking orders again for Q1 2014. This is your chance to own your
very own ourshutterjourney.com Polo Tee. Made from 50% dri-fit for the sweat management while
you are on outdoor shoot, the other 50% is made from microfibre, means you can use it to clean
your lens front element without scratching it too.So how does it looks like on me?
Here’s how it looks like.

Picture: Back View of the Polo Tee.

How Do I Know my Size?
Measure yourself as below the Chest wide + Body length.


Then check against the Size Chart below.


Once you have your size, you are ready to order.

Who can Order?

Photographers who had attended our outings,
classes, courses, workshops, seminars, talks
or any photography related events.

How to Order?
Step 1: Size. (XXS,XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL)
Step 2: Quantity (1 or 2)
Step 3: Email to ourshutterjourney@live.com
Step 4: Please Include Your Name & Contact Number.
*You Will be guided on the payment Options.
*You Will be informed on the collection dates. *IMPORTANT
Closing Date for Ordering.
16th Jan 2014 (5pm Closed)


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