4th Anniversary Giveaway Winners Announced!



4th Anniversary Giveaway Winners Announced!

14th March 2014, Singapore – We asked our readers 2 questions about us and we received a total of 99 entries as of this morning. Although we told everyone to send us by 28th March 2014, the response had been overwhelming – with wrong answers – Hahaha….(jaws dropped). So after selecting the 1st 10 entries with the CORRECT answers, here are the Winners – who knows us well enough to deserve to win our Limited Edition Ourshutterjourney.com Ceramic Mugs!

Winners by Order of Entry Submission with the Correct Answers;

1) Angie Ng
2) Dyan Tjhia
3) Anson Kwok
4) Jessica Tan
5) Paige Tan
6) Regina Yeo
7) Magdalene Teo-Yong
8) Frandy Goh
9) Jonathan Chua
10) Anthony Tan


Thank you for Your support!

The Winners will be notified by email for collection of prizes.





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    Heartiest congratulations to your 4 th Anniversary! 

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