My Lowepro Diary Part 6 – The Inverse 200 AW



My Lowepro Diary Part 6 – The Inverse 200 AW
– When Mobility Meets Practicality

Picture: The compact & superbly built Lowepro Inverse 200AW.

27th June 2014, Singapore – Before I start this really short article – I would like to apologize for the bad quality photos on this article as I was trying out the camera from an “X” mobile phone. The camera on this phone seems like it will not make the user very happy. Anyway, back to the article. Recently I was preparing for a trip and someone close to me asked me this question: “Is there a compact camera bag that I can have it on my waist + sling when I need it, and it must carry 4 prime lenses, 1 camera body, 1 flash and along with other knick-knacks for a short trip?”.

So off we went to Cathay Photo and check out the full Lowepro range. After sharing our requirements (by repeating the same question above) with the customers service person, we were presented with the Lowepro Inverse 200AW.
For the sake of this article, the below photo was shot without the DSLR body – the center compartment was meant to have the camera body mounted with the lens (shown in photo) and have the camera “faced down”.


The Lowepro Inverse 200AW looks compact from the outside but it is certainly “roomy” on the inside. From the above, you can see that everything just sits perfectly fine. With some clever configuration of the paddings, the Inverse 200AW can be modified to fit most gears. The above gears that I packed for the trip is considered “somewhat Heavy Duty” by some photographers already, then again, the Inverse 200 AW swallowed everything with some space to spare.


The bag top cover (top photo) were made with thick paddings (that further proves that the Inverse can be used in any orientation) and houses the usual memory card pockets & spare battery pocket. In front of the bag (if you are carrying on waist mode), there is a pocket with zipper (below photo) that I can put small little stuff like my cell phone, passport, keys etc. There are 2 other smaller clips to hold this front “pouch” together. Behind/below this pouch, the weather cover is carefully tucked away below. Very thoughtful design.

image6 image7

If you decided that you are not going to sling the bag with the supplied strap – but want to have the Inverse 200AW becomes a waist bag, just pull out the waist hoist from the back of the back. The thick & fully adjustable padded belt comes with a large snap-on buckle and quick and easy operation.


I am so very sure that I am going to have fun with the Lowepro Inverse 200AW.
Get yours too.


About Lowepro

Our trek started in a small Colorado garage over 40 years ago. Since then, we’ve been traveling the world on the backs and shoulders of the best photographers on the planet. We’ve learned. We’ve innovated. We’ve become a leader.

For over 40 years, we’ve worked to develop and perfect camera carrying systems – maybe to the point of obsession. But we’ve never stopped at just innovating and improving products. We strongly believe that we owe it to ourselves, and to our industry, to do whatever we possibly can to protect and save the environment. We take as much pride in this aspect of our business as in the work we put into the products you’ll see.

Most of our bags were inspired by helpful advice from you and your peers. We greatly appreciate your artistry and input. We’ve listened carefully to your suggestions, and we’re sure you’ll find something in these pages that’s exactly right for you. Because wherever you go on your next assignment, we want to be right there with you.

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About Cathay Photo Store Pte Ltd
Established in 1959, Cathay Photo since its very beginning has been driven by the objectives of providing the best photographic equipment, pricing and service to our customers. These objectives have ensured its continued growth from just two humble showcases occupying a quarter of a shop-front to its present five retail outlets, an administrative / distribution office and a warehouse.

It is constantly on the lookout for the latest gadgets and solutions to add to its line-up of over 60 internationally renowned brands, and recognizing the growing presence and popularity of HD video, due largely to the introduction of DSLR cameras with HD video capabilities, it made its foray into the Pro Video market, expanding its offering to products from brands such as Steadicam, Zacuto, Kessler Crane and Genus to name a few.

Having served the photography industry for over 50 years, and backed by its proud heritage, Cathay Photo is without doubt the preferred photographic retailer in Singapore today.

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  1. slmka says:

    One of my fav bag when I need light gears, especially during macro sessions.

    There is also a tripod strap below the bag which can holds a standard tripod, and the two mesh pockets on the side are good for water bottles or some small stuff. The bag is also compatible with Lowepro modular (up to 2) if you really need more storage space.

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