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Shutter Journeys

03rd July 2014, Singapore – A reader shared with us that there is a blog by the name of “Shutter Journeys” and we got curious and we went on to check out this blog. The blog is managed by a beautiful lady by the name of Donna who is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and she specializes in ” Travel, photography, art, writing, animals, nature, hiking, and any combination thereof.” as stated on her profile page.

You may wish to check out her blog too as we spotted lots of nice photos.
She has another site too with more photos.

Thanks to the unnamed reader for sharing with us about this site.
We used to call our group/ company with the below names;
1) Photo Journey
2) Shutter Journey Singapore
3) Singapore Shutter Journey
4) Ourphotojourney

However, we have finally decided & registered the name “Ourshutterjourney” earlier this year (2014) with the governing authorities as the main operating name & brand. The activity group is still called “Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group” which the words “Shutter Journey” is non-exclusive to our group/ company/ brand. So if you spotted another site/ blog/ group bearing a similar name, please do not be alarmed.

Meantime, do check out Donna’s photos on her sites.




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