The Canon EOS Rebels – Special Feature

The Canon EOS Rebels – Special Feature  

Photo: (L to R) Lili/100D, Chun Heng/300D, Trisha/350D, Nyen Sin/400D, Kim Chwee/450D, AL/500D, Janice/550D, Alyssa/600D, Clement/650D & Boon Yan/700D.
Photo by Suliadi Pochong.

1st September 2014, Singapore – Most photographers would have picked up an entry-level Canon EOS DSLRs when they first started photography or when they upgraded from prosumer digital compacts. Let me take you back in time, exactly 11 years ago, during September 2003, it was a year to remember for all Canon fans. Canon launched the EOS 300D to replace the D60 (and the earlier D30).  And with the launch of the EOS 300D, Canon had opened doors to millions of photographers worldwide with its friendly asking price and the sheer compactness of this entry-level DSLR.

Before I go on, let me share a little bit of history with all of you. Canon named this camera product line (entry-level line) into various names for different markets.
– For international markets, this model series goes by a 3 digit numbering system with a “D” right behind the model number. Example “300D”, “450D” etc.
– For America, this model series are named Canon EOS Digital Rebel
– For Japan, it’s called “Canon EOS KISS Digital. The Kiss actually means Keep-It-Silent-&-Simple”
Although no one really knows why Canon named its DSLRs like this but I suspect the naming has to do with easy numbering with every future model replacement.

Photo: When the Rebels are not shooting.
Photo by Suliadi Pochong.

While I was planning the editorial contents for Sep & Oct 2014, I remember a project that I always wanted to do but didn’t get round to do it. I wanted to round up all the XXXD series cameras together with their owners and get everyone out to shoot together, interview the owners about their cameras and make it a “Rebels” outing. So I posted on our Facebook Group Page and started to look for owners of these cameras. With a little luck, I found all the cameras/ owners within 24 hours. (I excluded the smaller 4 digit series Rebels/ 1000D, 1100D & 1200D)

So an outing/ interview was planned and I had picked Chinatown as the location for our project. Singapore is currently building up momentum to the annual Mid Autumn Festival (also known as Mooncake Festival) and Chinatown will be a colorful & interesting place to shoot. After a short talk about the history of Canon DSLRs to the attendees, the group went on to shoot with their EOS Rebels. And to make the project interesting, all the participants can only use Canon’s EF-S 18-55mm of any version.

While shooting, I took the opportunity to interview the owners individually. Here, I present to you, Singapore Mid Autumn Festival by the Canon Rebels!

Canon EOS 100D
Name: Lok Li Li
Age: Undisclosed
Profession: Regional Pharma Competence Manager
Camera: Canon EOS 100D (Released April 2013)
(Also known as Canon EOS Rebel SL1/ Canon EOS Kiss X7)
Specialized Genre: General Photography


“Personally I like the Canon EOS 100D as it is light and compact. I can put it into my handbag even when mounted with the Canon 40mm pancake lens especially when I want to bring the camera with me to work. After work, I can go on and shoot photos without having the feeling of carrying a “brick”. My friends are amazed that I have the EOS 100D in my handbag.  Being an Canon, EOS, it can uses other EF/EF-S lenses and it is very versatile as I can mount on other zoom lenses when traveling or a macro lens when I need to do close ups. The creative mode functions (filters) makes it a fun camera to use and I love to play with the Toy Mode or miniature mode. It’s fun camera for travel & everything else!” – Lili


Canon EOS 300D IMG_0026
Name Kor Chun Heng
Age: 33
Profession School Teacher
Camera: Canon EOS 300D (Announced June 2003, Released Sep 2003)(Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital/ Canon DS4041)
Specialized Genre: Events/ Street Photography


“I like the Rebel Series for its reliability and easy handling. The camera still produces nice image colors despite its age (11 years old), and the shutter is particularly quiet during operations. I also like the fact that the camera body is very light weighted. My only complaint is this camera (EOS 300D) takes about 2 seconds to “wake up” from standby and this makes street photography really challenging.” – Chun Heng


Canon EOS 350D
Name: Trisha Lim
Age: 38
Profession: Corporate Sales
Camera: Canon EOS 350D
(Released Jan 2005)
(Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital N)
Specialized Genre: Corporate Events


“Canon’s Rebel series DSLRs are great cameras. I like the sound of the shutter from my EOS 350D, it’s really unique, Further to that, this camera is really light & small, I love to carry it everywhere I go. The 8 megapixel 350D is 9 years old today and the photos taken by it still looks great! This is also one of the best DSLR to convert to a full time Infrared camera. If only the LCD screen is bigger, otherwise it would have been a perfect camera.” – Trisha.


Canon EOS 400D
Name: See Nyen Sin
Age: 58
Profession: Self-Employed
Camera: Canon EOS 400D (Released April 2006) (Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X)
Specialized Genre: General Photography


“When the 400D was released, the design layout of the camera had changed from its predecessors when Canon decides to do away with the 2nd digital menu screen that the EOS 300D & EOS 350D has. With the new shooting menu integrated into one digital menu, this has set the path for future Rebels Series cameras to come. The camera is easy to use and understand, you won’t go wrong with a Rebel.” – Nyen Sin.


Canon EOS 450D
TKC-Lantern Festival3
Name: Tan Kim Chwee
Age: 64
Profession: Civil Servant
Camera: Canon EOS 450D
(Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X2)
Specialized Genre: Portraitures

TKC-Lantern Festival2

“I bought the Canon EOS 450D a few years ago and it is also my first DSLR. I have grown to love it as it has served me well as an amateur photographer. I like the large LCD screen, high megapixel (back then) and the large selection of EF/EF-S Lenses that I can use with it.” – Kim Chwee.

TKC-Lantern Festival1

Canon EOS 500D

10 merge
Photo: AL took this 10-shots Stitched Panorama by 500D.

Name: A Lee
Age: 39
Profession: Review Editor/ Photography Instructor
Camera: Canon EOS 500D (Released April 2009) (Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X3)
Specialized Genre: General Photography


“My wife (then girlfriend) bought me the Canon EOS 500D as a Christmas present. As a past Nikon user, I find it easy to use and carry around due to its size. I also uses the EOS 500D a lot for close up works due to its 1.6X crop factor and high resolution images. It is also my favorite travel camera. My EOS 500D had followed me to Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia & Philippines so far.” – A Lee


Canon EOS 550D  IMG_194514348617090
Name: Janice Koh
Age: 55
Profession: Supervisor
Camera: Canon EOS 550D (Released January 2010) (Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel T2i/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X4)
Specialized Genre: General Photography


“I like my Canon EOS 550D because this is my first DSLR and it is easy to use. It is also not heavy so it is also a great camera for traveling too.” – Janice


Canon EOS 600D  IMG_4723
Name: Alyssa Chan
Age: 33
Profession: Dietician
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
(Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3i/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X5)
Specilized Genre: Portraits


“The Canon EOS 600D or the rebel series is one of the easiest DSLRs to operate. Although small, the camera build is solid and surprisingly light. My rebel has an articulated LCD screen that allows me to shoot at odd angle by using the Live View mode too!” – Alyssa


Canon EOS 650D
SJS EOS Rebel Review 20140831_IMG_6532
Name: Clement Lim
Age: 28
Profession: Application Specialist
Camera: Canon EOS 650D
(Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel T4i/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X6i)
Specialized Genre: Street/ Photojournalism

SJS EOS Rebel Review 20140831_IMG_6475

“I will recommend anyone starting photography with a Canon rebel series camera. The menus are easy to navigate and weight is never an issue. The shutter sound has a soft touch to it which I particularly like. My only complaint is probably the the ISO noise control, but as a package and on overall, its a great cam!” – Clement

SJS EOS Rebel Review 20140831_IMG_6495

Canon EOS 700D
Name: Boon Yan
Age: 35
Profession: Software Developer
Camera: Canon EOS 700D
(Released March 2013)
(Also known as Canon EOS Digital Rebel T5i/ Canon EOS Kiss Digital X7i)
Specialized Genre: Events


“The Canon rebel series are very affordable DSLRs and it captures beautiful images. Ergonomics are well designed with its grippy hand grip and the camera’s rounded design cues. Operation wise, the menus are easy to navigate when I need to change settings. Last but not least, as a family member of the EOS line, I have many options for lenses from the EF/EF-S range.” – Boon Yan


Hope you enjoyed the photos produced by the Rebel Photographers and on Mid Autumn Festival. It’s a colorful and delicious festival (mooncakes, pomelos etc) celebrated by the Chinese from all over the world.

On the DSLR, the Canon XXXD/Rebel/KISS series are indeed one of the best basic DSLRs that money can buy. Easy to use, light and compact, silent shutter, friendly asking price & good inventory of lenses as options. To find out about this camera series, please visit here.

I believed at this time that you are reading this article, Canon is probably getting the EOS 750D ready to be shipped worldwide.

Pre-Shoot Briefing by AL, the Editor.

Thanks Lili (100D), Chun Heng (300D), Trisha (350D), Nyen Sin (400D), Kim Chwee (450D), Janice (550D), Alyssa (600D), Clement (650D) & Boon Yan (700D) for participating in this project. Indeed getting everyone together is not easy but we did it!


Thanks Suliadi Pochong for being our Behind-the-scenes photographer.


Photo: Suliadi Pochong, Behind-the-scene Photographer.

Special Thanks to Chester Chen for finding the 400D for this project and Chun Heng for bringing so many 18-55mm for all of us to use. Rounding up old cameras and kit lenses are not easy, but we did it!

 Photo: After all the shooting. We start to play cell phones.

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