Pink Submissions #07 “Everyday Adventures” Editor’s Pick

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Pink Submissions #07 “Everyday Adventures” Editor’s Pick
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21st April 2015, Singapore – We have finally finished the selection for Pink Submission #07 “Everyday Adventures”! We apologize that this round took so long to conclude as we are mourning for the loss of our Nation’s Father, the Late Mr. Lee Kua Yew and out of respect, we had “stayed low” through that period. I am sure he is at a better place right now. He will be remembered dearly by all true blue Singaporeans and honored for generations to come.

OK, Back to the Submissions, this round #07 our theme was “Everyday Adventures” – and not an easy one to handle. Everyday everyone of us are faced with different challenges and it somehow made everyday an adventure – in our own ways. We had asked for the images to be submitted must depict a scene or an object or a person in the middle of an action/ motion that scream “adventures” and to made that more challenging, it must be something that we can all relate daily or easily. And we were quite surprised and in fact astonished by some of the entries as those images were “hit” right on!

This round, we received a total of 198 entries, including 31 rejected for various reasons. As expected, the standards of the entries had raised and we were quite happy with what we saw. Before we get to the Editor’s Picks (and winners), let’s hear from the Editor and our Sponsor Cathay Photo Store.

“This is not an easy theme to work on. Although we are all facing challenges everyday but that does not means that it can be easily translated into an image to express oneself. After looking at the submitted photos, I felt that the Ladies had done a really good job! Thank you Ladies!”
– AL, Editor.

“Excellent entries! Like what the Editor (AL) had said, this is not an easy theme. But you ladies managed to depict – everyday adventures – into images that left us in awe. Good Job Ladies and Keep up the good work!”
– Charmaine Toh, Cathay Photo Store.

Enjoy the entries!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)


Editor’s Picks #07 Pink Submission “Everyday Adventures”.
– Let’s see what or how the Pink Photographers define the theme “Everyday Adventures” and how they expressed the theme into images. I would like to invite you to look at the selected entries and try to understand (or figure out) why we picked these excellent images. Here we go.

1) Boat Ride – Photo by Doris Ang.
Doris Ang
In Singapore, our transport system is world-class while there are people at other parts of the world are struggling. Imagine you only form of transport is a boat and your backyard is a river. Commuting in such a situation is not the people’s choice but by default. Every day is a challenge every day is an adventure.


2) Heavy Traffic – Photo by Jolvin Zhang
Jolvin Zhang1
Well, contrary to popular beliefs and hallucinations, driving may not be a blessing (really) in Singapore. Apart from the high costs of owning a vehicle, the regular driver has to deal with traffic jams almost on a daily basis. On top of that, the driver-in-the-jam has to keep calm & cool, be on high alert, look out for irregular behaviour and the stress level is not easily comprehend by non-drivers. On the road? It’s always an adventure.


3) Heavy Tropical Storm – Photo by Eileen Maki Val
Eileen Maki Val
In Singapore, it’s either the scorching sun or the heavy tropical storm. Taking reference from number 2 above, the storm just raised the “difficulty” factor if you are out on the road. And if you are out there and not driving, imagine having to take shelter and wait for the rain to stop. While most passing storms will only last a short while, what if you encounter one that refuse to stop? Sun or Soak, it’s a daily Adventure.
4) Peak Hour – Photo by Josephine Tang
Josephine Tang
It’s not about the breakdowns. It’s about having to find your way to the right platform and “winning” a space for you to stand on before you missed the train and waiting for the next few packed ones that you can never squeeze yourself in. To the daily commuters, this is a daily challenge and very ride is an adventure, wait, did I also mentioned about the weird people you will find on the train too?


5) Peak Hour II – Photo by Josephine Tang
Josephine Tang1
Personally, I enjoy Bus rides more than Train rides. However, I will avoid both during peak hours at all costs. We have one of the most efficient transportation system in Singapore, but buses are still over-packed and sometimes takes ages to arrive. Taking a bus ride is like opening a Kinder’s Surprise, you never know what the next bus might be, might bring, it’s an adventure every time!


6) Peak Hour III – Photo by Judy (Hui Yi)
Judy Hui Yi
People everywhere. Waddling through crowds and avoiding a head-on collision with another person is something that we faced all day. It’s not that we have too many people rather I will put it as we have too little land. Sadly, that is something that we cannot do anything about it. I am sure all of you crossed at least 1 busy-packed junction daily, isn’t that a challenge? No? Then I am so very sure it’s an adventure. Now watch your front and not your phone.

7) Zebra Crossing in Vietnam – Photo by Magdalene Teo-Yong
Mag TY
Like what many travel websites had cheekily mentioned, if you had not tried crossing a street in Vietnam, you had not experienced Vietnam. True to a certain extent, some patience, some skills and some common sense is needed when attempting to cross a street in Vietnam. Lined by thousands and thousands of bikes and the occasional cars, it’s a very real challenge and an adventure of a lifetime! I’ve done it several times and you should too.


8) Going Home – Photo by Tan Hui Hui
Tan Hui Hui
Driving home, on a packed jammed road, with traces of the rain that had just passed, the evening sun soft glowing through the evening clouds. You are tired from working, still, you have to survive this to get home to a hot dinner waiting on the table. Anxiety & fatigue feeds on each other, you rubbed your eyes, after 30 mins you had only moved 3 metres.
And not forgetting to mention that you have to stay very alert as most accidents happened during peak hours. Adventure? Definitely.

9) My Bicycle & Me – Photo by Priscilla Huang
Priscilla Huang1
We rode together. Accompanying each other on every journey. Every hump, every pot hole, every junction, every walkway is not just an obstacle, it’s our adventure together. Everyday, pedaling through streets after streets, roads after roads, it’s a new experience & adventure every time we ride together. Wanna join me?

10) Travelling – Photo by Magdalene Teo-Yong
Mag TY1
I am very sure you will very much agree with me that every trip out of the country promises an adventure. There will a mix of expectations and unexpected adventures.
Like some had said, you can travel to a same destination for 100 times, it will be 100 different adventures. But of course, I will recommend visiting different countries lah being a Singaporean. That makes more sense for money. Every trip is an adventure, no doubt about it. (And if you fly everyday – our theme is “Everyday Adventures”)
11) On the Plane – Photo by Jolvin Zhang
Jolvin Zhang
(Comments below)

12) Travel II – Photo by Priscilla Huang
Priscilla Huang

As above (number 10), every trip is an adventure. Do you remember that thrill when you are looking out of the plane? And looking forward to land at another country with nothing to expect but a thousand possibilities? Looking for yet another trip? You are looking forward to more adventures. And I presume the authors of the above photos flies almost everyday. (Our theme is Everyday Adventures)

13) Working Under the Sun – Photo by Choy Wai Han
Choy Wai Han
We took a while to understand how Wai Han’s photo of a foreign work working and painting road lines under the hot sun can be related to “Everyday Adventures”. Maybe the best way to link this up to the theme will be to imagine this guy being sent to all parts o Singapore to work on different projects everyday. To this worker, everyday is an adventure! To be a new place everyday and seeing this country from many varying perspectives and from many lesser known places in Singapore. What do you think?

 14) Daily Commute – Photo by Susan Gwee
Susan Gwee
To the mother of these 2 little boys, it’s a daily challenge to be carrying them on her back to various destinations. But to the 2 little boys, every trip, every day is a new Adventure! For they do not know where they are exactly heading and what they may encounter on every journey. This is indeed Everyday Adventures!


15) Basking in the Cold – Photo by Trisha Lim
Trisha Lim
All he wanted was your attention, to appreciate the piece that he is playing and hopefully you will spare some cash so that he can buy food to fill his hunger and keep him warm. He plays for you regardless if you are going to spare some cash or not. To him, every day is an adventure for he does not know if he will have enough people to appreciate his music and pay him enough to keep him alive. If living on the edge like this is not an adventure, then what is?


16) Overcoming Yourself – Photo by Soh Chui Lian
Soh Chui Lian
This photo of a lady trying to scour a wall may not be directly linked to the theme (everyday adventures) unless this lady climbs wall everyday. However, looking from another angle, it is about overcoming yourself on a daily basis. That is where the adventures begin. Wouldn’t you agree?

17) Keeping Our Marine Life Alive – Photo by Hanes Mrd
Hanes Mrd
What better adventures will be than to be the hero who save the day? Our marine life are thriving however there are many factors that are destructive to the marine ecosystem. Everyone should do their part in keeping our marine life healthy, and it is an adventure to up it going. Go figure.

18) The Daring Photographer – Photo by Soh Chui Lian
Soh Chui Lian1
Photographers are known to go all out to get the shots that they desire. And sometimes doing dangerous stunts or even getting entangled with the law. Such are the daily adventures that most photographers goes through. You are here means likely you are a photographer too. I am 90% sure, so what’s your adventure?

19) The Path Ahead – Photo by Zhang Tian Tian
Keep going is the word here. For the future and the path ahead of you lies many unexpected hurdles. It’s more than just an adventure. To live and move ahead is living out an adventure everyday. Facing everything that is ahead, that is adventure. And on a daily basis if I must add.

20) Street Food In Thailand – Photo by Doris AngDoris Ang1
Travelling is an adventure, but food is the adventure within the adventure. This shot of a wok full of crabs and prawns may be appealing to some while just as many will be put off. This is after all street food. 2 schools of thoughts here, first, the hawkers has to prepare this everyday, the next will be the tourists that passed the stall everyday. So whose adventure does this belongs to? I will leave you here to your thoughts.


And the Prize Winners for the #07 PINK SUBMISSION are!
– Proudly Sponsored by Cathay Photo Store.

1st Place: Susan Gwee
Photo: Daily Commute
Winner of National Geographic 8110 Tote Bag worth $190
Susan Gwee

2nd Place: Jolvin Zhang
Photo: Heavy Traffic
Winner of National Geographic A4470 Waist Pack worth $124
Jolvin Zhang1

3rd Place: Josephine Tang
Photo: Peak Hour
Winner of National Geographic W8000 Tote Bag worth $43
Josephine Tang

Congratulations to All the Winners!

You will be Notified on the Collection of your prize via FB.
For those that didn’t win, please try harder next time.
Remember, it’s not about the prize, but taking up the challenge and going all out to shoot the theme in your own way and expressing yourself.

Thank you for your participation Ladies! Love you all!

Special Thanks to Cathay Photo Store for sponsoring the Prizes!

Till then, look out for the next #07 Pink Submissions!



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