The HUAWEI P8 Smartphone – A Photographer’s Dream

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The HUAWEI P8 Smartphone – A Photographer’s Dream


16th May 2015, Singapore – I was selected to participate in the Huawei P8 Smartphone contest and I had been issued the P8. So for the next 10 days, I will be putting the P8 through its paces especially the camera functions. Since I got selected partially because of my job as a commercial photographer, the P8 promises lots of fun – especially with its low light capability and high quality photo. So I will be back with more updates on that part.


I was impressed with packaging as it does not feel”China-Made” but instead, it was closer to unboxing a smartphone from “One-of-the-European” maker. That apart, I must say that the packaging was well thought out and unboxing it was a surprise.



The Huawei P8 feels really good on my hand and the phone build is solid and seems like it can take some really serious abuse. And using the P8 as a camera, I guess the designer would have thoughtfully incorporated the possible outdoor elements that a photographer will be braving against.


Everything you need, a charger adaptor, a cable, earphones and the P8. Unlike smartphones from other brands, the P8 retail box seems like a good travelling organizer to bring along on trips. Next, will be to check out how good the phone is really is.

I will be back with more updates. Stay Tuned peeps.


Reviewer: Chief Editor AL Lee
Chief Editor & Founder of Worldwide and Principal Trainer at Ourshutterjourney Photography Academy. AL is a commercial photographer as well as an educator who believes in the art of digital memories. An ambassador of several photography brands, AL is well versed in many camera systems. Someone once told us AL’s man cave looks more like a camera store than a bedroom. 



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