Pink Submissions #10 “Photographers” Editor’s Picks

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Pink Submissions #10 “Photographers” Editor’s Picks

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23rd September 2015, Singapore – This is already the 10th Pink Submissions by Pink Photographers Singapore (PPSG). This submission titled “Photographers” – is to showcase the extent and how far a photographer goes to capture the perfect shot in the most interesting and sometimes outrageous poses. Although we do not advocate dangerous stunts, but we understand that when we have to do it, we have to do it. Wouldn’t you agree?

We received over 100+ entries this time but sadly many were rejected due to blur or irrelevant images. Other than that, that photos submitted this round are really interesting! The judges & me went through several times looking at all the submissions to finally selected all of the below as “Editor’s Picks”.

Before we go to the Editor’s Picks for this submissions, here’s some words from the Editor as well as the sponsor Schmidt Marketing.

“As photographers, we try to shoot the subject as creatively as possible, resulting in creative poses and sometimes (really) funny poses. Nice submissions ladies!”
AL, Editor.

“Finally we get to see on the other side of the lens where photographers put on their most interesting and also serious poses which we don’t get to see all the time.”
– Kenny Khaw, Schmidt Marketing.

Enjoy the Editor’s Picks (Selected entries)!
(Winners Announcement after the jump)
(Appearance not in any order)

1) Cat Shooters – by Joanna Ng11900023_10153003639732233_9027737696478782119_n

2) More Cat Fans – by Ellis Jade Tay

3) When Ground Level is simply not high enough – by Adelene Ng


4) Going Low for Eye Leveled Image – by Janet Toh Lay Siang

5) When beautiful skies + a photographer in action – by Soh Chui Lian

6) When shooting by the road is too mainstream – by Letchumanan Malini‎


7) Anywhere also can shoot – by Joanna Ng

8) The sunny stylo pose – by Carine Tan

9) For those rush feel, go really low – by Jeslin Tan


10) As long as it captures image – by Magdalene Teo-Yong

11) For that perfect reflection, go perfectly flat – by Soh Chui Lian

12) You Need Kungfu to be a photographer – by Trisha Lim

And the Prize Winners for the #10 PINK SUBMISSION are!
– Proudly Sponsored by Schmidt Marketing.

1st Place – Jeslin Tan
Editor’s Note: “Going that low is not uncommon as a photographer, bu this shot was taken so perfectly at the right time that it seems like the photographer is also very much part of the shot which makes this shot of a photographer at work very interesting!”

2nd Place – Adelene Ng
Editor’s Note: “We have all done stunts before at some point of time as a photographer.But climbing on to a zinc roof seems like a daring move especially on a house like this. I am glad that the roof did not give way else many will get hurt really badly. A shocking image to me.”

3rd Place – Trisha Lim
Editor’s Note: “This photographer (William) has one of the most elaborated set up when I first met him at a talk that I was conducting at Ford Singapore. I must say I am impressed with his strange looking gears and most importantly, his photos are great. Trisha captured a shot of William doing a kungfu pose and this photo was one of the most talk-about photo at that time of the talk.”

Special Mention: Magdalene Teo-Yong
Editor’s Note: “This photo looks like a shot out of National Geographic Magazine and it captures a group of people commuting on the roof of a bus. One of them was shooting with what looks like a cell phone while the rest look on leisurely. Nice shot!”

All 03 Winners WINS a Special Edition SG50 Commissioned Artist&Artisan Camera Straps! Mind you, there are ONLY 100 Units in the whole World!
Winners will be contacted for their prizes collection!

For those that didn’t win, please try harder next time.
Thank you for your participation Ladies!

Special Thanks to Artist&Artisan (Schmidt Marketingfor sponsoring the Prizes!

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