Special Customized VC Macro Diffuser


Special Customized VC Macro Diffuser – Created by Victor Cheah
– Review by AL Lee, Posted by Lee Shi Qing
Image: Editor AL with the Customized Diffuser created by Victor Cheah


09th December 2019, Singapore – The quest for the best diffused light for macro photography is like a never-ending process. We used to be really contented with the yesteryears options but as cameras/ lenses advanced, we seems to be getting more details – both desired and undesired ones. One of the painful factor has to be the light source used for today’s macro photography.

As a macro enthusiast myself, I had tested not less than 10 commercially available diffusers as well as countless customized versions designed & made by individuals who are also macro photographers themselves. Some are really great while some are not really up to mark. I will say there will never be a perfect flash diffuser, but probably the better ones. As someone who had experimented various types of flash used for macro (Regular, Twin-Adjustable, Ring-Type, Off-Camera Type etc), I am never contented, as we all know light behaves differently in different shooting environments.

Image: Set-up with Victor Cheah’s Customized Flash Diffuser.




And so, recently I’ve gotten a chance to speak a fellow Olympus Visionary – Victor Cheah who had been innovating and designing customized flash diffusers – and I know I am speaking to the right person when I browse through his macro images – I am Super Impressed! So a meeting was swiftly set up and we met.

Image: Set-up with Victor Cheah’s Customized Flash Diffuser.

I explained to Victor on the challenges that I faced with my set-up and also shared with him how sometimes I was not able to get the light in the way I want it – Victor decided to pass me a”Prototype” diffuser that he had been working on. Made from inexpensive materials that are easily available from DAISO, I will say the R&D part is the most tedious. Victor had made several prototypes and failed until this version that he humbly told “this one should work”.

Image: Set-up with Victor Cheah’s Customized Flash Diffuser. 

Victor explained how this customized diffuser works, when the flash is fired from the speedlite, the light travel and instant-bounce from the shiny inner surface to downwards via and secondary diffuser which further softens the light while as it passes through and reaching the front end. The angle & shape of the modified light path allowed the flash to travel all the way to the front of the lens in a soften & mellowed form while maintain at least 90% of the lux idex of the flash.

Image: Set-up with Victor Cheah’s Customized Flash Diffuser. Front View.


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Victor also solved the problem of focusing in undergrowth and darker environment by adding a small but powerful LED light secured to the speedlite. I was at first skeptical about this little LED light until I ended up shooting in a very shaded area during the review and this LED light does magic. While other fellow photographers who were with me and finding it hard to focus in the darker & shady area, I was focusing and shooting like a breeze.

Image: Victor Cheah’s Customized Flash Diffuser – the LED Light does Wonders.


IMG_2909.JPGImage: Godox TT350 Speedlite from Sgcameratore 


So I decided to set Victor’s Customized Diffuser on my Olympus OM-D EM1.2 with the Olympus 60mm Macro lens + a dedicated micro Four Thirds flash – Godox TT350 Speedlite from Sgcameratore and took it out to Botanic Gardens. Check out the photos below. All photos are mostly cropped with no adjustment to the exposure & colors.






I like the rather mellow light falls onto the subject without over-exposing lighter colored areas, it’s like doing a portrait shoot for insects.





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The rounded half-dome-like diffuser created a very nice and soft “Down Light”, which is perfect for insects on top of leaves/ branches etc. It’s bright enough and not harsh, everything about it is just right.


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There’s a lot more photos over my FB album from this review, do pop over too.

In brief, Victor’s prototype had solved several challenges that most macro photographers faced. The soft and mellow light was made possible with the double-diffusing arrangement and the round half-dome shape created a 4 directional light source the “wraps” around the subject that we are shooting. The light channeling is awesome too as I do have light right in front of the lens. How awesome is this?

From my understanding, Victor is making these Diffusers on a leisure basis but if you try hard enough, you may get lucky and he may sell you one of this awesome Flash Diffuser!

“Victor, thanks and this is probably one of the best customized flash diffuser for Macro that I had ever tested! Good Job on the R&D!” – AL Lee

here’s a parting shot

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Reviewer: AL Lee
Chief Editor / Visionary & Brand Ambassador for Olympus Imaging Singapore

Contributing Editor – Lee Shi Qing
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