Sigma 150-600mm Dual Review

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Sigma 150-600mm Dual Review
Featuring Robin Choo & Jaeden Ng

Photo: Jaeden Ng (left) with the Sigma 150-600mm (C) & Robin Choo (right) with the Sigma 150-600mm (S).

03rd October 2015, Singapore – When Sigma Corporation announced their new 150-600mm lens in 2 guises, many photographers all over the world were debating just what Sigma is up to this time. While many argued that both new lenses were made to replace the ageing the 150-600mm, which is half correct, there are more than meets the eyes. Regular Joes will be fast to point out that the Contemporary version (C) is much lighter and cheaper, however the the Sports version is a different lens altogether. Before we get to the review photos by our 2 guest reviewers – Robin Choo & Jaeden Ng, let’s take a quick look at the general specifications. Once again, I would like to stress that if you found your way here looking for technical reviews of these lenses, then you might be disappointed as we are only more keen on how these lenses performed from a user point of view.

To ease reading, the Contemporary version will be referred to as (C) and the Sports version will be referred to as (S).


The (S) weights at about 2.1kg is slightly heavier than the (C) version at 1.8kg. Both lens featured the same high quality TSC compound that Sigma uses for all their lens barrel (body) since the Sigma Global vision but the (S) version got the weather sealing and splash proof protection. Both lenses feels solid and purposeful when handled and if you are used to hand-held shooting for super telephoto lenses, these 2 lenses will be easy for you. However for those buying super telephoto for the first time, you might want to consider buying a monopod with a good ballhead to use with these lenses.

The (C) version is slightly smaller (10cm x 26cm) while the (S) version is taller at 12cm x 29cm, which is still within my “bring-about” range without having to get another bigger bag – anyway both versions are shipped with a nice lens bag/ pouch – sling type for the (C) and shoulder strap type for the (S). Fans of front-screw filters will be happy to know that both lenses comes with screw threads and the size are easy to find – the (S) has a 105mm thread and the (C) has the 95mm. Both lenses does not rotates during zoom so it is also perfect for using CPL filters too. Not bad. Another similarity, both lenses are made as 9-bladers (aperture) and focuses from 2.6m. Glass wise, the (S) has 26 elements in 16 groups while the (C) version was made slightly more simplified with 20 elements in 14 groups.

Both lenses features Sigma’s highly proven Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) for that fast & silent focusing and the 3 modes Optical Stabilizer (OS) and both comes with limiter control switches too. Lastly, both lenses features the company’s Super Coating on the front element to prevent dust & grease and you will be glad to know that Sigma still ships their super telephoto lenses with tripod ring too. OK I shall stop here and let’s take a look at the photos that were produced by our guest reviewers Robin Choo & Jaeden Ng.

Photo: Jaeden Ng (left) with the Sigma 150-600mm (C) & Robin Choo (right) with the Sigma 150-600mm (S).



Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM (S)
Photos & Text by Robin Choo

“I was thrilled when the Editor AL posted on his Facebook asking for interested parties to be guest reviewer for the Sigma 150-600mm and I jumped on the opportunity to volunteer myself. I must say that I am remotely connected to Sigma’s products and this will be a great opportunity for me try out this lens and get to know Sigma better.

Editor AL issued me the Sports (S) version of the 150-600mm range and I took the lens everywhere and try to shoot what I would normally and usually shoot. Brought the lens out to a garden and tried shooting wildlife.”

Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

A6brEW1EnIZkdtSABDgVOnio4GVAtqPPL34fVLC_TcQ,nwLg2mx_tIc0QVrkCdLISqRqr-wFzph9rRDR7SBpfeo,SNYCUWdr5wHOrOSmQ79Gjt3lyCac6IZAFW8IfZN5e8E Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

“The lenses focuses really fast and quiet and it reminded me of Canon’s 100-400mm but much better. I got my shot everytime as the focus is almost 100% accurate and the like how the lens handles – really professional feel.”

Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

E8B461rrZdU0YAyxg6efLD5Ba9T97vj4E1alJduedAw,leuS39ok3jvsoncC55wCXD_radADYKxsjDjC4Mz6WzU,NKOwp64_5d_LY6p_QpGOLN_BcOirioFs3uHXVhD3cmsPhoto: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

p6WTRSbeenCNIs6Eju2b0QQb2k5Wv6K0l_yJbQyVBTY,e1rBGkoZCaTnTImSguk2mF6CQK3gtaxlXTerldn1teY Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

Photo: by Robin Choo with the Sigma 150-600mm (S)

“I also brought the lens to the Singapore Formula One night race to test the lens out. Not bad at all, the lens functioned as if it is day time and performed really well. Photos was sharp and contrasty with nice colors rendered.

Personally I like the lens build as it really feels like some other overpriced lenses and the switches are easy to reach during operation. Together with the fast & quiet focusing, this is a super telephoto lens that professionals who uses super telephoto lenses should have.”

Text – Robin Choo


Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM (C)
Photos & Text by Jaeden Ng

“I have always been curious about Sigma’s lenses especially their friendly-priced super telelphoto zoom lenses. When I saw an opportunity to try the new Sigma 150-600mm lenses, I immediately responded to the Editor’s call for guest reviewers and I was just in time to be one. I was issued with the Sigma 150-600mm (C) the contemporary version of this lens.

I took the lens out for some of my commercial shoot as well as took it for a walk. Please take a look at the un-edited photos from this lens below.”

3huQRqBUlwaUVc8VIaK6t6luc6Sxx1evdRM2f98JI20,SWQFDGoGyhhCHfnxSwXsNcQTfrBhzY2y0n4Vjjv8Zug Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C) 

Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

“The Sigma 150-600mm (C) produces stunning images, high quality images with close to zero distortion. I personally like the colors produced and the easy handling. Everything about this (C) versions feels right.”

BnA1G62--1GdaKd2RtRZaCePpDAjZLQAg19kW6GkepE,9dbLUWZ1k0EMbsiXDrH3hNuhIf_hhmitzk4ThvCjBw8 Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)


Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

Photo: by Jaeden Ng with the Sigma 150-600mm (C)

“In brief, the Sigma 150-600mm is really made and designed for anyone who wish to try or use the super telephoto range at an affordable price. Although there are other super telelphoto lenses out there in the market, Sigma had been known for their tele-lenses among 3rd party brands users. After experiencing this lens (C), I will strongly recommend to anyone who is buying their first super telelphoto zoom lens or for professionals who wish to have a tele for rough use. Why? Because this lens really feels like it can take abuses. Get this lens people.”

Text – Jaeden Ng


Right, from the photos above and reading about what both Robin Choo & Jaeden Ng had shared, I gathered that Sigma had once again pulled off yet another win and released another 2 good lenses into the market. Time for shopping guys!

Special Thanks to Sigma Marketing (Singapore) Pte Ltd for sponsoring both lenses to us!
Thank you Sigma!

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** Sigma had re-organized their whole lens line into 3 category.
They are “C” Lens, “A” Lens & “S” Lens.

C Lens = Contemporary Lens Line
Featuring the very latest technology, and combining optical performance with compactness, Sigma’s high-performance Contemporary line covers a wide range of needs. Lenses in this category are Standard zoom lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, high-magnification zoom lenses.

A Lens = Art Lens Line
Designed with a focus on sophisticated optical performance and abundant expressive power, Sigma’s Art line delivers high-level artistic expression. Lenses in this category are Large-aperture prime lenses, wide-angle lenses, ultra-wide-angle lenses, macro lenses, fisheye lenses.

S Lens – Sports Lens Line
While offering sophisticated optical performance and expressiveness, SigmaSports line lenses deliver high action-capture performance, enabling photographers to get exactly the shots they want. Lenses in this category are Telephoto lenses, telephoto zoom lenses, super telephoto lenses, super telephoto zoom lenses.

Sigma Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd. is a subsidiary of Sigma Japan Corporation.

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