Saga Part 3: Wedding Boutique Clarifies

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Saga Part 3: Wedding Boutique Clarifies


13th April 2016, Singapore – As more and more dramas unfolded itself in Singapore’s latest Wedding Dispute Saga, the boutique had stepped forward and shared their story with a local newspaper yesterday. Feline Wedding shared their side of the story citing that the couple had been difficult and had tried to get a refund due to the bad images. The rest of the story is pretty self-explanatory.


After reading the claims from all 3 parties:

1) This couple wants a refund for the bad photos, including the slightly “better” ones.


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2) This amateur photographer got shot for several non-industry standard practices like giving every photo from a shoot to the client, and accepted a full day assignment for $350.00 where other Pros are charging at least 4 times more as market rate.
3) The boutique claims difficult customer wants refund and openly share the non-industry rate for a full-day wedding photography at $350.00

You know what? We decided to wash our hands and find something else more meaningful to do after following this news for the last 3 days.

We hope all parties will come to an amicable settlement soon.

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