Snapshots of Heritage Winners!

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Snapshots of Heritage Winners!

16th July 2016, Singapore – Today is the opening of the Snapshots of Heritage Photo Exhibition. 100 selected entries (including th Winning Entries is currently on display at Capitol Piazza Level 1 (Open Plaza) from today till 11th August 2016. As promised, we are featuring the Winners’ Images here in this article. Congratulations to All the Winners & Exhibiting Photographers!

Entry: 357 – First Prize Winner
Image by: Ong Yi Chao

The colourful row of shophouses at Joo Chiat reflects the rich heritage of the Peranakan culture. Over the years, these iconic shophouses have become a popular location for photography enthusiasts. It is of utmost importance to preserve these shophouses so that our younger generations will get to know more about the Peranakan culture of Singapore.

Entry: 388 – Second Prize Winner
Image by: Wong Chek Poh
Tong Ah building is located at the corner of a triangular plot of land along Keong Saik Road. It is an iconic building with its distinctive red and white façade. The building had withstood the redevelopment around the area and has been conserved under the Building Conservation Act for its heritage architecture.

Entry: 282 – Third Prize Winner
Image by: Kelvin Ng
Pearl Bank Apartments – One of the iconic apartment in Singapore. This was the first
all-housing project to be undertaken by the Urban Renewal Department of the Housing and Development Board’s sale of Sites Programme. With a height of 113m, the Pearl Bank Apartments was once the tallest residential building in Singapore when it was completed in 1976.


Entry: 012 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Eng Choon Siong
Masjid Sultan – also known as the Sultan Mosque, is located at the intersection of Muscat Street and North Bridge Road within the Kampong Glam vicinity. This mosque is considered one of the most important mosque in Singapore and it features a prayer hall which can accommodate up to 5000 people at one go for mass prayers. Masjid Sultan is also one of the most visited tourist attraction in Singapore.

Entry: 040 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Chui Yam Keng
Trade – the life blood of our nation – Our family used to run a butchery business in Chinatown supplying meat to restaurants and walk-in customers. As a kid I remembered following my grandfather and father on their rounds to the abattoir in the early mornings to collect freshly slaughtered beef back to the shop and get ready for the day’s business. Although an insignificant trade, it is a part of our economy in those years. Featured in this photograph, a Bond certificate circa early 1900s.


Entry: 549 – Consolation Prize Winner

Image by: Suhaimi Abdullah
Thaipusam is a day for devotees to celebrate the fulfilment of their vows during the full moon in the Tamil month. The process involves gruelling ordeals for the devotees and always a marvel to watch. Let us preserve this heritage for our future generations to come.

Entry: 578 – Consolation Prize Winner

Image by: Ahmad Iskandar Bin Abdullah
“It’s your Turn” – A game of Chongkak being played by our young generations. This is a traditional game played by many in the past and Singapore being Singapore, this game was already enjoyed by other races too.

Alan Photo

Entry: 046 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Gary Chow
One of Singapore’s most decorated temple – the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. I am always amazed by how grand this temple was constructed, both the interior as well as the exterior. It  is widely regarded as a beautiful fortress in its own rights. A favorite with tourists too.

Entry: 071 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Koh Lye Huat
Now: Malay Heritage Centre, then Istana Kampong Gelam – this was once the palace of the Sultanate of Singapore. It is located near to the Sultan Mosque and the centre features the rich historical links of the Malay culture which was made up of Bugis, Arab, Javanese, & Boyanese descendants mainly from Malacca, the Riau Island, and Sulawesi.

Entry: 137 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Alice Chia
Bird Watching Pastime – One of our fast disappearing heritage. In our earlier years, our father, grandfathers and uncles will bring out their pet birds and listen to them sing.
The gathering place is none other than the bird cage hangers where everyone meets.
We are losing such sights fast due to the constraints of space in Singapore. This image was captured at one of our HDB estate – but it won’t be for long before it disappears one day.

Entry: 252 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Trisha Lim
Street barbers is a “sunset” industry in Singapore. During my childhood days, there were many street barbers, whereas today the street barbers are really not easy to find as compared to the street cobblers. Many of the street barbers are now in their late 60s and most of them had retired. I remembered the price of a haircut was only $6 – much lower than those barbers that are located in a mall, their prices starts from $10.


Entry: 234 – Consolation Prize Winner

Image by: Jeannie Lim
These Ang Ku Kuehs (a traditional Chinese Peranakan snack) reminds me of the ones that my grandmother used to make. I used to loathe them as a kid as they were made in abundance. However as I grew up, I realised the intricacies, effort and heart which went into making them. What a lovely sight!

Entry: 366 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Steven Liew

Reflecting the Past, Seeing the Future – The famous Lau Pa Sat, still standing tall after more than 120 years in existence. Formerly a wet market, it is now the famous food court serving mostly the thousands of office workers around the area during office hours & the curious tourists. Locals throng the food centre especially during the evenings and weekends. The structure of Lau Pa Sat was reflected onto the modern glass architecture of an office building across the street, giving it an unique and abstract outlook.
Entry: 413 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Uthup Binoy
The Band Stand – situated inside Botanic gardens, it is almost 157 years old.
Botanic Gardens is located at the heart of the city where it has got amazing greeneries. Personally I like to spend time strolling here as it makes me feel refreshed and I get to enjoy the calmness and the beauty of nature.

anigif final

Entry: 494 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Lemuel Jose Lucas
Chinatown Complex – A group of senior citizens can be seen playing a serious game of checkers (commonly known as Dum) or Chinese Chess. This activity usually peaks during afternoons at the recreation area of the Chinatown Complex, which was originally built in 1983. Despite the competitiveness of the players, the area is often filled with laughter and sportsmanship.

Entry: 541 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Andrew Bi
Dragon Boat race is a part of a traditional Chinese culture to celebrate the Duan Wu Festival. In this year’s DBS Marina Regatta (2016), the participants are made up of every race that you can think of and it is beyond just-Chinese. Dragon boat racing requires team work, a high fitness level and never-say-die spirit to win.

Entry: 308 – Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Sharon Ng

Fullerton – This neo-classic architecture is an inspiring display of Singapore’s modern eloquence. From housing the General Post Office, Singapore Club, exchange rooms and government offices to a renowned boutique hotel today, Fullerton Building’s timeless beauty facade dates all the way back to 1928. Being a prestigious hotel and with the conservation efforts to maintain the architectural wealth within its walls, Fullerton Building is now a national monument and a tourist must-visit place in Singapore.

Entry: 463 Consolation Prize Winner
Image by: Allan Abarra Espolong
The Twin Pagodas of Chinese Garden – This is one place that is very meaningful to me in Singapore especially during the mid-autumn festival. I enjoy viewing those beautiful lanterns during the festival. Beside the mid-autumn festival, one of the reason I like it here is th possibility of capturing the beautiful sunset while framing in the twin pagodas. This photo is one of the beautiful shot that I had taken as the light is just right and the reflection from the lake is clear.

anigif final

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