Pink Submissions #18 “Round”

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Pink Submissions #18 “Round”
Pink Feature 

15th March 2017, Singapore
– Decided to give a simple yet complex theme for the Ladies over at PINK Photographers SG to interpret, I was rather happy to see the entries covering many genres yet revolving around the theme “Round”. Generic yet diverse, this theme challenges the creativity and composition based on a shape and it was really up to the individual photographers to define the theme.

The submitted images for submission #18 are what is “Round” to the photographer, enjoy! As an added bonus, the best 3 entries gets a limited edition travel adaptor jointly sponsored by & Sony Singapore. Once again, good job ladies!



Let’s see what the Ladies from PINK SG had submitted! Image appearing not in any order.
(I had also taken the liberty to mildly edit some of the images without the ladies’ permission – lol!) 


1) From Soh Chui Lian – It’s twilight outside and the deep shades of blue are seen through the round sky dome (window) which contrasted heavily with the beige interior that goes round and round. One could have easily missed this if the person did not look up. Simple composition but powerful result. Good catch Chui Lian!

Soh Chui Lian3


2) From Alice Chia – The round & colorful marbles are fast disappearing from today’s life. When we were young back in the 1970s/1980s, marbles is pretty much a social game and I am sure many of you (from my era) would have played or challenged your peers over a game of marbles during school recess. This image by Alice indeed brought back many memories – thanks Alice!Alice Chia


3) From Soh Chui Lian – Another interesting interior shot by Chui Lian. Combining the use of Fish Eye lens, she captured this art installation which is also round and made up of pots & pans which is also round plus the dome at the ceiling line is also round. She included a visitor taking a shot at the display within the composition to further gives viewer a sense of size and extent of the art piece. Simply brilliant!
Soh Chui Lian4.jpg


anigif final



4)  From Nora – Nora submitted this image of her and her colleagues forming up a human circle and shot upwards creating an interesting perspective. While this has been done by many, Nora’s image is well-balanced symmetrically and the smiles on the faces simply gives this shot a warm and joyful feel which makes this image special. Nice one Nora!
*Nora is the lady with the red lanyard. :)~



5) From Yew Peck Leng – While many of you do not know what are these? I am sure the older generations will find this very familiar. These are thread reels for sewing machines and each reel usually has 1 thread one 1 color and the user will slot these reels into placeholders on the sewing machine and have thread run through a runner that goes to the sewing head. During sewing, these reels will spin round & round on the placeholders. This is image is indeed nostalgic. Thank you Peck Leng for sharing this. I used to play with my mum’s (empty) reels when I was a child too!
Yew Peck Leng.jpg


6) From Soh Chui Lian – Yes, I cannot help it and I had picked another submission by Auntie Chui Lian. The Wheelock Place Dome is very popular with photographers especially during Christmas season. While many had attempted a shot at this place with almost 90% of images focusing on the upper dome, Chui Lian used a fisheye lens to capture much more details of the surroundings, the full length of the escalator, surrounding retail shops and of course, the floating Christmas tree. This shot is spectacular!
Soh Chui Lian.jpg


7) From Cindy S. – Cindy submitted this image which I presumed this had been her lunch. Presented on a round plate that is in a dark shade of brown, the food colors are accentuated easily giving the presentation a palatable boost. The food are further “rounded” within the plate creating a pleasant visual effect. I hope it taste as good as it looks. Cindy please bring me to this place some day!
Cindy S 2.jpg




8) From Janet Toh – There’s certainly lots of round stuff here. Strangely Chinese Dim Sum comes in a variety of shapes but nearly 90% of all Chinese Dim Sum comes in round shape. From buns to tarts to meatballs etc, round seems to be the preferred shaped. Even the bamboo or wooden steamer tray is round! This images does look every bit the part and very yummy to look at! 🙂
Janet Toh (2).JPG


9) From Pearl Zee – While most bakeries presents cakes, bread and muffins in certain round shapes, rounds shapes does seems to have a connection with everything sweet and sinful. Here’s a nice image of muffins by Pearl. I like how the colorful ones have surrounded the ones with chocolate chips. Pearl if these are made by you, please keep one of those Chocolate Chip version for me ya.
Pearl Zee

anigif final


10) From Yew Peck Leng – These Lava cakes was once round until the establishment decides to cut to open and show potential customers what’s dripping wet on the inside. While this may not be the best way to present Lave Cakes examples, the colors and various textures made up for it. And having all these on a round wooden bake board makes this image legit for this theme. OK Peck Leng, where can I buy all these? 
Yew Peck Leng2.jpg


11) From Cindy S – Coffee seems to be a favourite subject to submit when round is the theme. Top down view of a cup of coffee sees 2 round circles and the cup handle seems to the only element that breaks the visual illusion reminding you that this is really just a cup of cappuccino. Simple & fits the theme nicely.
Cindy S.PNG


12) From Janet Toh – Need me say more?
Janet Toh.jpg
*Image size as submitted by Author. 


13) From Soh Chui Lian – Another brilliant shot by Chui Lian! Those of you who had been shooting for a while knows how to do this – but can you get the image right? You need to have a suitable illuminated background and other composition rules comes into play. Here we have hundreds of round chinese lanterns hanging over a busy street at Singapore Chinatown. Nice one Chui Lian!
Soh Chui Lian1.jpg


14) From Anny Tan – Making back-lighting to our advantage, here we have a statue of a Budhha with a round aura ring around it while the strong back light helped to create this  shadowy silhouette which is interesting to look at.
Anny Tan.jpg


anigif final


15) From Yew Peck Leng –
Looks like a nice decor using various materials which are ALL in round shapes! How many materials can you identify below?
Yew Peck Leng1.jpg


16) From Soh Chui Lian – 
A round setting/ rising sun can be very charming and emotional if it is composed properly like the below example from Chui Lian. The trees helped a lot in the mysterious department and I like the overall feel of this stunning image. Soh Chui Lian2.jpg


17) From Cindy  – Bunnies/ Rabbits are known to have large and round bums. To make this image even more interesting, Cindy shot her rabbit through a round purple tunnel (which the rabbit enjoys exploring) and created a purple frame for this shot and to add to the fun aspect, she shot her rabbit’s butt and not the front view. Ok, I miss my rabbits already.
Cindy S 1.JPG
Ladies! Excellent round of submission! (pun intended) – My Top 3 Picks are!!!

#01 – Soh Chui Lian(Congratulations! You have Won a Limited Edition Travel Adaptor)
Soh Chui Lian.jpg

#02 – Nora (Congratulations! You have Won a Limited Edition Travel Adaptor)

#03 – Cindy S (Congratulations! You have Won a Limited Edition Travel Adaptor)
Cindy S 1.JPG

We have come to the end of this round’s Pink Submission. I enjoyed viewing this series very much and I hope you guys enjoyed it too! There will be more photo-share from PINK Photographers SG ! Next theme announcing soon!
– Editor AL




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