Announcement: Samyang Ambassadorship

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Announcement: Samyang Ambassadorship Ends



02nd January 2018, Singapore – Editor AL Lee will cease to be Samyang Singapore’s Brand Ambassador as the 2-years term had ended in December 2017. It had been an interesting 2 years with Samyang Singapore sponsoring/loaning lenses to our members during our events and many of the members have since made their purchase or learn more about the lenses after using Samyang brand lenses.


After 10 co-branded outings under the “SJS-Samyang” event header, and after 20 Samyang Lens Reviews by Editor AL, will continue to support Samyang Singapore in every possible way to bring the brand to our members.


A Word from Editor AL – 
“Samyang makes great lenses at an affordable price and our members have learn so much about the Samyang brand and their line of lenses which had added lots of value to our photography consortium. We will continue to support Samyang Singapore and we will still bring you reviews & updates from Samyang. 

I would like to Thank Samyang Singapore for giving me the opportunity for the last 2 years to front Samyang Lenses and I wish Samyang Singapore All the Best!”
– Editor AL.

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