Olympus TG-5 Underwater Images


Olympus TG-5 Underwater Images
Posted by Melody Tan 
Contributor: Sharon Ng


22nd April 2019, Singapore – Following our review of Olympus’s TG-5 TOUGH camera in 2017, we had been searching for underwater images taken by the TG-5 camera and after much effort finally we found Sharon Ng, an avid photographer and also a person who loves roaming the reef.

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And so, we got lucky and finally found Sharon Ng who had taken the TG-5 to the sea and had shot some really cool and nice images from under the sea.

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Before we get to the images, let’s check out Sharon’s thoughts of the Olympus TG-5 TOUGH camera.

MT: Hi Sharon, may I know what’s on your mind when you decided to purchase the TG-5?

SN: I was purely looking for an underwater camera. 

Image: By Sharon Ng. Shot with Olympus TG-5 TOUGH.

MT: Was weight or water depth limits on your checklist?

SN: Yes to both as I intend to dive with the TG-5 so weight is one of the key factor while the depth limit is another important factor to consider.

MT: So how many times had you dived with the Olympus TG-5?

SN: To date about 06 times!

MT: While Underwater, was it easy to operate the TG-5?

SN: Extremely! One of the easiest!

MT: After using the TG-5 underwater, what do you think of its underwater capability?

SN: Personally I think its a very capable camera be it underwater or out of water.

Image: By Sharon Ng. Shot with Olympus TG-5 TOUGH.
MT: Have you also used TG-5 for other shooting environment apart from underwater?

SN: Definitely, I had done landscape and I am amazed by the Live Composite function which is a first for an all-rounder compact camera.

MT: Is there any feature that you wish Olympus can improve on the next replacement model?

SN: Not for now.

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MT: On overall, do you think Olympus is a well-rounded camera?

SN: From my personal experience using the TG-5, so far so good. Can’t really find any fault with it.


MT: Will You Recommend Olympus TOUGH Series cameras to your peers?

SN: Of course!

MT: Thank you Sharon!

SN: You are most Welcome Melody! Thank you!


Contributing Editor – Melody Tan
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