Sakura Shooters Singapore (SSS)

Sakura Shooters Singapore (SSS)
– by Lee Shi Qing

08th April 2019, Singapore – As part of our 10th Year Anniversary, and by a stroke of luck, we decided to form a new sub-group that is specially dedicated to everything Floral & Fauna! As Singapore is a tropical country with a wide variety of plants, we came to know a lot of photographer who loves shooting flowers and plants in nature.

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The logo carries the 08 blades aperture following our brand identity which is carried through across all our groups logos and page logos. The 05 petals sakura in the centre means – flowers are the main subjects in this special group.

For now, there will be not specific events for Sakura Shooters Singapore as all our events are still consolidated under the master group Shutter Journey (Singapore) Photography Group. So do look out for our events!

Group posting rules applies and its the same across all our groups.

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