Ourshutterjourney Featured

Ourshutterjourney Featured
-Posted by Lee Shi Qing

17th October 2019, Singapore – A quiet afternoon on a slow weekday at Ourshutterjourney’s office turned into a little carnival today. Some of our members alerted us to a post by Lovely Singapore & SBS Sure Boh Singapore and told her that we got featured today! And everyone in the office scrambled to check out the video!

 Image: Screen Grab from Lovely Singapore & SBS-Sure Boh Singapore FB.

Many months ago, we were aware of some video shooting done by Realm Productions but we don’t know what was the video for. And when we asked our Chief Editor AL Lee, he was pretty zipped up. Now we finally saw the video!

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It was a video feature on Online Communities and Ourshutterjourney had worked its way up to becoming one of the most prominent communities in Photography interest over a period of 10 long years. Running communities is a tough job, it takes a shit load of effort, time and passion to come this far.


Some words from our Chief Editor AL Lee:

” 10 Years, 500+ Events, sometimes I wonder how did I even went this far. Many times I want to give up, but nevertheless pushed on, event after event, month after month & year after year. Building communities for community learning is not new in Singapore, but only a few took it to the next level to build meaningful and good communities that actually last. Thanks to all our Card Members, Regular Members, Web Subscribers, Camera Brand Owners, Photography Retail Merchants and everyone in between. Without all of you, we are nothing. Happy 10th Anniversary to All of You!” – AL Lee (Founder & Chief Editor)

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Amidst the buzz, today we also had the timed-launch of the Olympus’s OM-D EM-5 Mark III article at 1400hrs today and a scheduled revival of an old article on our production for the Pentax Q’s advertisement back in 2013. Not forgetting the technical update on AL’s article “What You Need to know about Infrared“.

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It had been a crazy day today – but certainly a happy one. Remember to LIKE Lovely Singapore & SBS Sure Boh Singapore Facebook pages – they had been so sweet!

Once again, Happy 10th Anniversary to All Our Members!

Contributing Editor – Lee Shi Qing
A firm believer of Self-Sufficient living and gives no f**k to anyone getting in her way to reaching her goals in life. Kind in nature & Dangerous when provoked. Loves Mcdonald’s Fries and hates all the burgers there. While she helps out in gear reviews, Qing is currently serving as an Online Administrator for Ourshutterjourney.com Facebook Groups and Online Shop.

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