Sony a100 Infrared


Sony a100 Infrared
– Project by AL Lee
– Posted by Lee Shi Qing
Image: The Sony a100 modified with an Infrared Filter.

01st November 2019, Singapore A lot had been said about old DSLRs, too old to be relevant in today’s context where megapixels is everything and these old cams fetch little in the used market. Another great option to revive the old cam which I always do will be to modify the camera into a full-time Infrared camera. The Sony a100 was released in July 2006 as the re-branded successor to Konica Minolta’s Dynax (or Maxxum) 5D or 7D – (I still have the KM 7D somewhere though) – that means the Sony a100 is 13 years old today! Since I maintain multiple systems, the Sony system had been largely neglected due to my explorations of other systems like Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus etc.


As I have several Infrared cameras modified with different infrared filters (IR Colors), I had this Sony a100 modded with a “Goldie” IR Filter or better known as the “Super Color” IR Filter elsewhere. I took it to Jurong Lake Gardens for a walk. Mounted with the Sony SAM 18-55mm aka kit lens.


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The Goldie IR Filter is an acquired “taste” as most of us are very used to the regular IR Filters with most vegetation turning a shade of snowy white – the Goldie turns most vegetation into a share of Yellow or Orange – thus the term “Goldie”. (Click here to view White Trees.)




With some tweaking of color hues, the Goldie filter also allow abstract color manipulations that allow unearthly colors. I created one such photo below for your reference.



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And using the Goldie filter in Monochrome – it turned out to be high contrasting and gave me crisp images like the example below.



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I remembered once I hated this filter so much as I really prefers the trees to be white – and after shooting “regular” IR for years, suddenly I wanted a Goldie IR. I’ve started to appreciate the colors this filter produce and it is something that really stands out from the regular White Trees.



Depending on the strength of the sunlight, the Goldie produces different shades of colors. It’s like a surprise with every shot.

And how can I missed the famous “Lone Tree” at Jurong Lake Gardens – made from aluminum, many had came to shoot this tree, now me.


OK I am jut featuring these few images – to view the full album or other IR images, do pop by to my FB Albums. I will be back soon.
– AL Lee.

Contributing Editor’s Note:
AL Lee – one of the few pro-Infrared photographer in Singapore had done several solo IR Exhibitions with one of them held at Funan Digitalife Mall before it was torn down and rebuild. AL Lee had held several workshops and even ran courses for Infrared. He modifies cameras into Full-Time Infrared cameras during his leisure time, to add to the record, he had also modified IR Cameras for Singapore Police Force (Forensic), Health Science Authority & a couple of Labs in Singapore.
– SQ Lee 

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Reviewer: AL Lee
Chief Editor / Visionary & Brand Ambassador for Olympus Imaging Singapore

Contributing Editor – Lee Shi Qing
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