Ourshutterjourney Photography Academy Shortlisted for Best Photography Courses in Singapore


Ourshutterjourney Photography Academy Shortlisted for Best Photography Courses in Singapore
– Posted by Lee Shi Qing

Image: Certification of Competency of a Trainee.

02nd December 2020, Singapore/Malaysia – Ourshutterjourney Photography Academy had been operating since 2011 under the management of Ourshutterjourney LLP. Offering affordable photography courses to everyone, our courses had been featured many times across various media/press and many had benefitted from our courses.

We were recently notified by IT.COM.SG that our academy had been shortlisted for the Best Photography Courses in Singapore – we were thrilled!

You may check out the list here.

Image: Our Principal Trainer AL Lee


Covering a wide variety of genre, our courses had been well received by photographers from all walks of life. Some of the most popular courses includes Macro Photography, Food Photography, Street Photography etc.

Image: Our Principal Trainer AL Lee conducting Photography Workshop at Changi General Hospital

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Our courses emphasize a lot on knowledge as well as ability giving our curriculum a 50:50 ratio in terms of course delivery and objectives. Unlike other schools, that concentrates a lot on knowledge-based learning, our academy works on a lot more on the individual’s ability to execute the knowledge and putting what had been learnt to use onsite.

Image: Many outings were conducted to allow the Trainees to practice what they had learnt.

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A Note from our Principal Trainer AL LEE

“I am surprised and thrilled at the same time when I received the news that our academy had been shortlisted for “Best Photography Courses in Singapore”. Surely this is an encouragement to us that our effort and commitment in photography education is being recognized, thanks to all our trainees that brought us this far.”

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