Ourshutterjourney & Camera Rental Centre Renews Partnership


Ourshutterjourney & Camera Rental Centre Renews Partnership
– Text by Melody Tan

06th January 2020, Singapore/Malaysia – Ourshutterjourney (OSJ) & Camera Rental Centre (CRC) announced a Partnership Renewal today! Both photography entities came together in November 2019 to provide camera equipment rental service to Ourshutterjourney Card Members and it had been a meaningful collaboration with the members enjoying the seamless service by Camera Rental Centre (CRC).

On a side note, our 2019 featured article on CRC (view here) had garnered a total views of 13,828 views from Singapore and Asia.



The Covid-19 pandemic had indeed caused a heavy toll on the photography industry as well as everyone else in between. While the economy is slowly (but surely) returning to normal, this collaboration hopes to bring everyone closer, and bringing more values to OSJ members.

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Camera Rental Centre (CRC) is well known for its extensive and comprehensive range of equipment (Photography & Videography) and providing economical rates with great service. While Ourshutterjourney is now is currently one of the largest registered photography group/ academy in Singapore who had recently been voted for providing “Best Photography Courses in Singapore” by it.com.sg

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When two titans comes together, the possibilities are endless. Ourshutterjourney will be working closely with Camera Rental Centre in 2021 and both parties hope to create more activities for photographers in Singapore.

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Reasons to Rent
There are so many reasons to why people rent equipment – we had sum it up below:
– Pre-purchase Trial or comparative uses
– Special requirements for specific shoot
– Not wanting to buy a lens that user seldom use.
– Expensive gear like Studio set is cost effective to rent.
– No need to hog gears
and many more reasons to!


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To more good years, to a better years.
– Ourshutterjourney x Camera Rental Centre


Ourshutterjourney Card Members Benefit!
Use Your Membership Card to Enjoy 20% OFF for your first rental! *
(Subsequent rental at 10% OFF)  – Valid Till 31st December 2021!
*Limited to Photography Equipment ONLY! 





Camera Rental Centre is Conveniently Located at:
50 South Bridge Road, CMO Building,  (very near to Clarke Quay MRT)
#02-18. Singapore 058682
Website: http://sg.camerarental.biz/ 


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