Shutter Journey Now in Malaysia, France & Germany


Shutter Journey Now in Malaysia, France & Germany
Text by Lee Shi Qing

11th March 2021, Singapore – Malaysia – France – Germany – After months of planning and discussions, is pleased to announce the Official launch of Shutter Journey Malaysia, Shutter Journey France & Shutter Journey Germany! Although we had planned for Shutter Journey Vietnam, we were faced with challenges with the local authorities – with that, we decided to bagged the idea and instead, we invited our Vietnamese friends to join us on our FB Page. has always been an advocator for carefree photography since 2009. Through the years, we had perfected the formula for a photography community that was created and built by photographers. From Photography Exhibitions to Competitions, from Photo walks to tour, from workshops to courses, we had managed to piece every bit together slowly over the years. Today, Ourshutterjourney is a registered business entity is Singapore and an academy as well as an online retailer. Not forgetting the 4000+ registered card members and our network of photography merchants along with our very own Service Centre to better serve our members helping them to make informed choices and purchase options.



Shutter Journey Malaysia (SJM) 

Shutter Journey Malaysia will be lead by Terence Tan. Hailing from Johor Bahru, Terence is mad about cars and he became interested in photography after he tried to record his first car purchase. He did it with the intention to document the process as a memory, however, that led him further and deeper into the world of photography.


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Image: Terence Tan, Country Head, Shutter Journey Malaysia.

“Buying my first car in Malaysia in my 40s is quite special for me. That is mainly because everyone else bought theirs way younger than me here in Malaysia. You may ask why I bought my first car only in my 40s? Well, that’s because I have stayed overseas since graduation and I had only recently moved back to my home country here in Malaysia. Since then, photographing cars starts to grow on me, as much as driving the cars themselves, if not, more.”
– Terence Tan, Country Head, Shutter Journey Malaysia.

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Shutter Journey France (SJF)

Shutter Journey France will be lead by Men-hau. Men-hau’s love for photography started with a simple wish for wanting to explore the world. Using photography as an expressive tool, Men-hau wants to share his feelings, emotions and visions by photographing breathtaking landscapes or indulging in street photography capturing unique and fun images off the streets. Through his works, he hope to share & inspires more photographers to express themselves using images.

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Image: Men-Hau El, Country Head, Shutter Journey France.

“I want to explore the world, the cultures, the seasons, the different places and the people. It may be a small world today in the digital realm, but the world that we lives in are far more interesting and much complex. From the Alps to the Desert, from Europe to Asia, it’s just a journey to a different world within this world, and this journey will be through photography.”
– Men-hau El, Country Head, Shutter Journey France.

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Shutter Journey Germany (SJG)

Shutter Journey Germanywill be lead by Bill Watts. Started photography as a child of 5 years old, Bill started his photography journey with film cameras of yesteryears that many of us can only dream of. He made the move to digital in the year of 2000 and but had “kept in touch” with his love of film all these while.


Image: Bill Watts, Country Head, Shutter Journey Germany.

From an early age, I was fascinated by photography, by both the technical aspects and its uses in advertising, business, reporting and as an art form. It can be used as an expressive tool, a recorder of history, documentation of events gone by or simply a memory jogger. Having travelled extensively, photographs evoke memories of places I have been and things I have seen and will do for times to come. From Film to Digital photography, technology has come a long way, but nothing has really changed, photography will always be photography..”
– Bill Watts, Country Head, Shutter Journey Germany.

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