Pang Teng Lin (冯廷莲) Featured on 银色嘉年华

Pang Teng Lin (冯廷莲) Featured on 银色嘉年华
Text by AL Lee

Image: Pang Teng Lin in Action.

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10th July 2021, Singapore
– One of our group Trainer (and Senior Member) – Pang Teng Lin got featured on 银色嘉年华 (or Silver Carnival) on 7th July 2021. It was a special feature for seniors in Singapore who live life to the fullest after retirement. Feature includes seniors who live their lives differently after they retires & those who hone their hobbies into professional level.


Tenglin first joined the group in 2016 and she had been with us since, rising up from a regular member to a trainer in the span of 5 years. She had won multiple awards – including awards from our competitions and her work had also been exhibited in our national-level exhibitions (SnapShots Series) winning accolades from other photographers. To add, she was also a graduate from our Academy’s Street Photography Masterclass which she graduated with full competency.

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I first met Tenglin in 2013 during an event by Canon Singapore that I was leading. She came across to me as a very humble learner as well as someone with a great learning attitude. It was much later that I found out that she was a retired educator herself.

Image: Can you spot Tenglin & AL?


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Tenglin is active with many photography groups in Singapore and she has built up a following for her work throughout the years. Her images are mostly on public view so you may wish to check out her work here.

A little snippet, I once asked Tenglin why she never stopped learning despite having gained lots of experience in shooting and had followed many photography teachers over the years. Her answer is:

“I never stop learning as I believe no one will be able to learn everything, so I continue learning as much as I can, for as long as I could.”. – Pang Teng Lin

Personally as an Educator, I have seen my fair share of learners who are stubborn, refused to embrace new things, new skills, new technologies but Tengling is definitely a different breed. From her former background as a Teacher, she fully understood what educators had gone through. Thus she is very appreciative of all her photography teachers as she views those knowledge that she has gained is far more precious than gold.

Some of her teachers are:
(in alphabetical order)
Allan Lee (SJS/OSJ)
Andrew JK Tan (Mentography)
Edwin Koo (KIO)
Francis Lee (Private)
Goh Kim Hui (PSS)
Goh Koon Peng (PSS)
Guohaoshui (Private)
Jeffrey Wong (PSS)
Paul Hui Man Yan (PSS)
Wilson Wong (SPIN)


Despite all the awards that Tenglin has won in photography, she remains humble and is always ready to share what she knows with fellow photographers. She is selfless and most willing to teach if anyone is keen to learn. We got a lot to learn from Tenglin. Congratulations Tenglin for the recognition & keep up the good work!

Do check out her work or follow her here.


Reviewer: Chief Editor AL Lee
Chief Editor & Founder of Worldwide and Principal Trainer at Ourshutterjourney Photography Academy. AL is a commercial photographer as well as an educator who believes in the art of digital memories. An ambassador of several photography brands, AL is well versed in many camera systems. Someone once told us AL’s man cave looks more like a camera store than a bedroom.

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